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The Masters: predictions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. I didn’t see much of this thing at all but the last hour or so was ho freaking hum. No idea who this Zalatoris fella is.
  2. Zalatoris is a poor man's Owen Wilson.
  3. Tony Romos BFF
  4. Congrats to Bob Sugar. Masters Fantasy Golf via Killerfrogs. I had fun following our golfers and competitors. A tip of the hat to the other contestants. Thanks again for the invite Jogginfrog.
    Let's do it again next year!
  5. I liked it a lot better when they did the jacket ceremony on the 18th green instead of Butler Cabin.
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  6. Bob Sugar's winning team: Zalatoris, Spieth, Cam Smith, and Colleyville's own Ryan Palmer. Nice work!

    I thought Schauffele might extract me from last place for a while, but alas...

    Thanks to all those who played!
  7. Ryan’s a good guy and a Colonial member. Glad he did well, but two triples on the last 9 holes cost him a top-10. Stupid water hazards.
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  8. To see a clinical round of golf, take 8 minutes to watch Jon Rahm's final round on the Masters website. Guy shoots the easiest 66 at a major I've ever seen. His longest made putt was 11 feet. Missed 7 putts inside of 20 feet and nearly holed 2 shots from off the green. Could easily have been a 61.
  9. yep - although James will always be on my [ #2020 ] list for forcing the club to implement the james edmondson rule on #5 with the range being OB all the time now instead of just during tournaments. Amazing how much of a backup that has caused on some busy days plus a long par 4 with hazards on both sides is a nightmare for the average amateur member at Colonial....
  10. Back in the 60's what is now range was just deep weeds. I saw Tom Weiskopf hit a huge high hook into that area and was so far left he carried the trees with a long iron and parred #5. No problem with messing up the range then, just deep weedy grass. If Weiskopf had been only 20 yards off-line instead of 50, he would have had a problem.
  11. Tom Cruise does not seem to age at all...
  12. The boy got a shout out from Joe!


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