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The Masters: predictions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. I think the bold part is key. The modern swing is built around a lot more resistance......generally. Which is not good for longevity.

    Maybe I'm imagining things, but guys seem to be breaking down much more and much earlier than in the past.
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  2. What a wet fart of a human being he turned out to be.
  3. Should we also boycott the Australian Masters and the European Masters while were at it? Canada held the Canadian Masters from the mid to late 90s, must’ve been canceled due to racism...
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. there was a time period in the 90’s when Jim McLean popularized the x-factor concept. It was built on a faulty understanding and poor research. Literally zero good instructors are still teaching restricting movement. If you take a lesson from one run because they are stuck about 25 years ago and just no.
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  6. So should we also get rid of people getting Masters degrees since by this logic anyone who has one must be a racist?
  7. Was surprised to learn recently that master bedroom/ bath/suite are no longer considered polite and socially acceptable terms. Who knew my house was racist?

    BTW in the annual Tiger vs the field bet , I'm taking the field this year.
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  8. It is now the “primary” bedroom
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  9. Thanks your folks down at the Houston Association of Realtors.
  10. Masterbation is now racist. You can't say beat your meat either because that's racist towards vegetarians and vegans.
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  11. Learn something new every day on KFC that I’ll have to unlearn.
  12. Many MLS platforms have adopted this. I occasionally see master in NTREIS but I know the local boards are pushing to have it removed. I taught a fair housing class recently, merely pointing out laws as they exist and got some nasty feedback. Told them that's not me...that's your local, state and national associations. The day Biden took office, NAR sent out memos that should scare any real estate practitioner. In summation...we haven't seen anything yet.
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  13. This change occurred a while ago. I believe Master bedroom was considered sexist, more than racist. But I'm sure it can be transfigured by the current woke knuckleheads out there to suit their purposes. Just like so many other benign concepts have been transfigured to mean completely other things. Like "woke".
  14. What will the Collective do about all those people who spent extra time, extra money, and studied diligently after graduating so they could get a Super Racist Degree?

    Will the Wokesters just go all Pol Pot and shoot everybody with glasses because they're an "academic"?
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  15. It was considered racist. I never saw anything from a representative, legislative or advocating body which considered it sexist.


    I should say I don't recall. I get glossy-eyed when reading through these things. Often are so preposterous that I have to read over it 5 times to figure out what's being said.
  16. Never gonna happen. The Masters did not yield to woman liberals several years back. They have balls and will not be wimps.
  17. World would be a better place if he stepped into traffic
  18. Preferably in a School Zone. It'd take longer and hurt more...
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  19. Speith finally getting it right just in time.

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