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The Masters: predictions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Surprisingly Willett and Schwartzel were both only 50:1.

    Immelmann seems to be the winner at 150:1
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  2. yeah I don't think either of those were that big of shocks but I will admit if I had money to bet on the playoff between Norman, Seve and Mize before they started - I would not have put it on Larry....
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  3. Before I answer...where are they playing the tournament this year?
  4. ZBoaz
  5. The Masters is surprisingly hard to get into, relative to the other majors. There are some household names every year that don't even get in.

    Sergio was the 11th ranked player in the world when he won. And now that I look, Willett was #12 when he won. Willett's time at the top was so short lived though, just seemed like a strange winner, and moreso now since he has been a complete non-factor in golf since.
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  6. I broke 90 once at Colonial CC. (On the front nine.)
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  7. Actually other than the Masters Mize only won 3 other events on the PGA Tour (and yes I know the Masters technically is not part of the PGA tour) He won in Memphis in 1983, in Tucson in 1993 and Michigan (Buick Open) again in 1993
    He did win 3 times in Japan, once on the Champions tour along with 2 other unoffical events.
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    Feel like lately I break 90 every round - sometimes I am on 16 and sometimes 18....

    oh you meant shoot under 90....
  9. And cashing big checks.
  10. I predict the number of golfers who heed the call to boycott The Masters because of Georgia’s voting law will be zero
  11. I bet the number of golfers that are even aware of that call is about the same...

    is this like the year NOW wanted all the sponsors boycotted so Augusta told them all its cool - we can pay our own way and don't need your money this year so don't get in trouble for us?
  12. I predict Shooter McGavin (or a real life equivalent) wins
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  13. So you’re picking Bryson?
  14. I'm going Rahm, with Palmer and Hovland as my "sleepers"
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  16. Other than Bryson, the swings aren't nearly as "violent" as you may think. First, I think the injuries are a little over-reported. We have better medicine today (meaning the overall state of the industry), and the players make so much money that they can afford to take time off to heal or have surgery. I would venture a guess that players used to just play through a lot things we hear about sidelining players today and got healed up from October through December every year. Now, the season is 12 months, so there's no real off season.

    Secondly, the more modern golf swing has a big emphasis on correcting key stress points (mostly the back and neck). You never see the "reverse C" any more with legs and knees running wild ahead of the arms/hands (think Johnny Miller and a young Jack Nicklaus). Lots of emphasis now on rotating the spine on a constant angle by using the core rotation from just below the hips to the shoulders. Nearly all the modern players have benefited from this to some degree, with a few exceptions like Joaquin Neimann who are kind of throwbacks to previous generations.

    In contrast, as a whole, these guys practice more than previous generations. So there is the possibility that there is more wear and tear due to that. Even with better technique and conditioning, the golf swing is a very un-natural movement for a human.

    Yes, Koepka has had his share of his injuries, and that may just be a result of his particular swing. Koepka does a lot of "unconventional" things in his swing and he hits "against" parts of his body, particularly his hips and knees. There's a lot of active resistance in his swing, especially against his left leg and knee. Don't get me wrong...his swing is fantastic. It just may not be built to last.

    These guys are creating outrageous swing speeds for a number of reasons: (1) better swing mechanics; (2) longer/lighter/better shafts; (3) better physical strength and conditioning that is tailored to specifically increase swing speed; (4) many of these guys are simply bigger/better athletes. It's a young man's game because distance rules right now, and young guys are always going to hit it farther than older guys. For better or worse, that's how the game has evolved.

    My long two cents...
  17. I will graciously NOT ask you to quantify "sleeper" as others have demanded of me.
  18. I guess Fuzzy Zoeller should have been considered a "sleeper" win in 79, playing in his first Masters. He didn't win his first tour event until earlier in that year (January) and wasn't even qualified for the Masters until he won that tournament in January.
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  19. He is my pick. I have followed him since he came on tour with his wife as caddy. He laughs all the way to the bank.

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