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The Masters: predictions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. DJ is obviously the favorite in any tournament he enters. JT is a solid choice. Would love to see Spieth actually close the deal for a win and it being at Augusta would be almost as great as Tiger winning the last time. Xander is a real contender in my mind and I think Westwood is probably the strongest dark horse because he knows how to win and its just a matter of if he can hold his game together the way he has in the last several weeks.
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  2. 240 vs 340
    105 vs 125
  3. I think he is a bit of a sleeper in that there is really only 30 guys in the tournament this year that have a realistic chance of winning and he is in the 11-20 portion of that list.

    when you get past Sergio and Fleetwood - you are pretty much at the point where the guys are just looking for good finish to get in next year for the most part.
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  4. didn't think he met any of the criteria.

    At this point I am think the only open spots are whoever wins this week in San Antonio and any "special invitations" Augusta offers up to get someone special in the field.
  5. Aren't those the 10th-best odds in the field? Same as Reed's? Not sure what qualifies as a sleeper, but among those at 100:1 or higher, I'd look at Christiaan Bezuidenhout.
  6. One more post on the definition of sleeper and I hope you all get sucked into the abyss
  7. Ricky Fowler.

    Yeah, I know. He's stinking up the Tour, and stands at 136 in the FedEx Cup standings (with an anvil), but he's going to be on your screen a whole lot hawking insurance, computers, coffeemakers, whatever. I would bet he's making more than just about anybody else out there right now simply on the basis of endorsement money.
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  8. If you think C.B. has a chance on winning then throw down your money at 100:1

    I think a 25:1 bet is more realistic for winning the tournament. Either Reed or the less hyped Morikawa.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Um, no posting shamefully cute little baby kittens!

    I might have to go to the animal shelter...
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  11. You made that up*
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    honestly though - when was the last time someone at greater than 50:1 won?

    I have no idea but it seems to me that if you can get into the Masters - it has the smallest number of real possibilities to win it.

    Even after you remove the PGA professionals from the PGA Championship - there are still 70 guys that could put together 4 rounds and surprise us all (Brooksie for example)

    Daly won the Open Championship at St Andrews of all places. and of course Jean Van de Velde.

    Andy North won the US Open twice.....

    Who is the biggest nobody to win the Masters in the last 40 years? maybe Willett? and before him I think you have to back to Goalby in 1968 to find anyone who was not in the top 30 contenders unless you consider Sergio's win out of nowhere.
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  13. Apparently his girlfriend forgot their safe word.
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  14. He might be on TV but he won’t be playing golf that week.
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  15. Danny Willett, Trevor, Immelman and Charl Swartzel are 3 that come to mind over the last 10 or so years and Larry Mize and Mike Weir some years before them.
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  16. Danny Willett.
  17. yeah - thought about that as you were typing.

    But really when you look at the list - he is by far the biggest surprise since the 60's really.
  18. Immelmann, Willett and Schwartzel all had to be greater than 50:1 and all won in the last 12 years.

    You’d have to go back to Gay Brewer in 1967 to find lesser known champs than those guys.
  19. but again I would bet none of those were more than 50-1. Even Willett was only 50-1 and he is the biggest surprise of the entire list.
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  20. Mize won 10 times on tour and Weir won 8. Those are pretty darn good careers.

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