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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcujsauce, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. still shaving your legs and all?
  2. Nah I gave that up and have gone the Amazonian route.
  3. All that's needed is a single complicit concession stand worker to keep a few water bottles in a freezer for you until the end of the game. Is that really so implausible?
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  4. Why would you assume that Tech fans would ONLY throw the water bottles in the off chance that their team would lose on a last second play? It seems much more likely that they would bring things with the specific plan to throw them at the end of the game regardless of the outcome.

    Are people rushing to the concession stands to buy tortillas and go throw them? Or do they already have the tortillas with them ready to throw at the opportune time?
  5. The definitely get batteries from the concession stands. They're on the shelf right next to the Snickers bars and candy corn.
  6. My Tech friends stub-hubbed a couple of seats for the TCU-Tech MBB game last season and sat next to an older Tech couple they did not know. All four of them were very respectful but were harrassed and vulgarly cussed out for no reason by the Frog jerk behind them. Every word in the book, including calling the older woman a c**t when she asked him to calm down. The jerk's wife sat there and watched.

    His seats were.... Section 112, Row B, Seat 1,2.

    I'll revisit this post next season so everyone can go by and say hi to him.

    My point is.... we have disgusting jerks, too.
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  7. It's certainly a valid point and its true of every fan base and every group of people in the history of humanity.

    It's the VOLUME and CONSISTENCY of the jerkiness that seems to set Tech fans apart from pretty much everyone else. They're like Alabama. Alabama doesn't have a monopoly on talent and they don't win every single game but the depth of their talent and overall consistency of winning year after year is what has made them the standard.
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  8. Tceh fans on Twitter? does that make it...NitTwitter?
  9. I get your point here but you don’t know if the person who owns those seats was sitting in them that day. You are inviting people to say something to someone that might be innocent.
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  10. @atofrog
  11. Lubbock: where you can watch your dog run away.... for three days.
  12. Not the case.
  13. Fair enough then.
  14. I saw your point.
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  15. Ain't that the truth.....
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  16. Point taken.
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  17. Every fan base has crappy fans. I bet 10-15% of TCU’s fans are like that. I bet 75% of TTU’s fans are like that.
    Every fan base has crappy fans. I bet 10-15% of TCU’s fans are like that. I bet 75% of TTU’s fans are like that.

    I know a lot of Tech fans and most of them fall into the 75%. The 25% don’t follow sports closely. I bet 90% of die hard TTU fans are total chode munchers.
  18. What’s the point?
  19. I had some old bat (probably younger than me now...) in a Hog Hat when I was a student during the Arky losing streak say and I quote what I can, “We kicked your ‘ mofoing arse’!” I hope she was fried, in either case I’m sure she was a classy joy to be round...
  20. The only thing I can say from recent experience is that I attended the Final Four and sat near some Tech fans. It was like sitting in Walmart watching a game.

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