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Strollers and Baseball Games

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Purp, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. TLDR: I was turned away 4 times today at different gates bc I had a stroller. It's never been contraband before today. They finally let me in, which probably pissed me off more.

    My wife left town for work after church so I brought all 3 kids by myself to the ballgame. Figured the 5 year old and 2 year old boys would play behind the LF wall and the 3 month old would sleep in the stroller.

    I got to the LF entrance and the ticket taker told us no strollers were allowed in. His supervisor came over and said they had just been told not to allow strollers in. After expressing displeasure I walked around to the 3B entrances. Tried the elevator entrance first and the lady there told me they had a meeting this morning where they were told no strollers today. Same thing was said at the downstairs home entrance.

    At this point I'd decided to go home. No way I'm going to try to keep up with Rocky and Bullwinkle while holding an infant who was deprived of her source of shade. But before I left I was going to make sure someone saw me face to face to hear how furious I'd become.

    At the ticket window I asked for the manager to come out and speak with me about the situation. He acquiesced and walked around. Before I could utter a word he told me we could get in with the stroller.

    I'll be honest, I may have been more pissed after he told me that than if he'd just let me say my piece and go home. After spending half an hour or more walking to 4 different gates around the entire stadium with 3 kids 5 years or less, just to be told the previous 4 gates just wasted my time needlessly? I was hotter than a road lizard.

    We got situated after the 3rd inning ended and enjoyed the rest of the game, but what a senseless arse whip that was. Whoever made that idiotic decision needs to have future decision making authority rescinded permanently. I saw at least 6-8 other people turned away for the same reason. Meanwhile, wHorn fans were all over the dadgum place like they owned our house.

    ADJD will hear from me. We've held baseball season tix since I got out of the Army. Never once had an issue with strollers until today.
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  2. I get the bag policy. Don't agree with it, but I get it.

    No strollers though? At a baseball game where a parent is trying to share a game with his kids? What's the logic there?
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  3. I'm glad you get it, because I sure don't. Go to a Rangers game and bring a cooler with whatever non-alcoholic beverage you want. No clear bag needed. But you go to a TCU game and you'd think Fort Knox was in the basement with the clear bag garbage.

  4. Only one logical conclusion: Mueller Report.
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  5. I think Purp deserves complete and unlimited exoneration.
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  7. Next time leave the stroller in the car and carry the kid in on your shoulders. They love it when you do that.
  8. I had the 2 year old on my shoulders. If I let him walk down the sidewalk along Bellaire he'd have been playing chicken with cars as soon as his feet hit the pavement.

    I've addressed that with the athletic department before and haven't been scolded for it in over a year. They said it's a safety concern to carry your kid on your shoulders. I said it's a safety concern to have him walk on his own and get trampled by a crowd of people who can't see him or have him slip his hand out of mine and run off through a crowd where he can't be found. Nobody ever said they'd change the policy, but I haven't had an issue at AGCS, Schollmaier, or Lupton this year and I've done it every game.
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  9. I can’t ever imagine taking a 5, 2 and 3mo old to a baseball game by myself. Credit to you.
  10. I figured it'd be a pain in the arse at home so why not go to Lupton and get the boys outside? I'm glad we did it.
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  11. For starters, my 3mo old would have never slept in a stroller unless it’s being actively pushed, and 30 minutes at most anyways.

    I don’t have a 2yo yet, but judging by my 1yo, the odds of him holding my hand and not running away would be about 0%. I guess I’d hope the 5yo would catch the 2yo while I manage the 3mo screaming
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  12. You go through a metal detector at a Rangers game.
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  13. My 5 year old can handle himself for the most part. 2 year old on my shoulders until we got to the LF berm. After that he'd play with every kid over there regardless of age.

    And yeah, the baby sleeps and eats. She's very chill, but so were her brothers at that age. If I wouldn't have thought she'd sleep most of the time I'd have probably stayed home or at least planned to leave early.
  14. I can't imagine two kids under five, let alone 3. I'm good with my one.
  15. It’s nice to have a policy change and not let anyone know about it!?!
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  16. My 21 year old son still hates this...
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  17. Pretty much every college stadium/arena across all sports has the same policy.
  18. I took Double D to the basketball game without a stroller yesterday.

    He was fussy at first but after a plate of Buffalo wings and a beer he calmed down and began taunting the ut baseball families in the restaurant.

    You just have to know what children like.
  19. I'd been livid as well as many times as I've seen strollers out in the berms.

    I had an attendant run across the parking lot to tell me to take my son off my shoulders. I told them if they were man enough to get him off my shoulders go for it otherwise mind their own scheissing business unless they could claim him as a dependent on their or TCU's taxes. Yeah, I get the look from the wife but they quickly go away.
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