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So, what are the odds of having a football season this fall?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by One Frog Nation, Mar 30, 2020.


Will there be a season this fall? Poll

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  1. Hell, yes. We gotta have football

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  2. No way in hell.

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  3. Well, maybe.

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  1. He said Summer not summer.
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    There will be football in September but everyone will be required to wear masks and gloves, including players and coaches. Instead of a towel girl Patterson will have a girl following him with disinfectant spray and Lysol wipes.

    Everyone will have their temperature taken before they enter the stadium.

    Instead of tailgating there will be hand washing.

    They will have purple and white masks but when the players wear black masks everyone will complain that they aren’t the school colors.

    Lavender will be back in style, there will be lots of lavender.
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  3. The word I had in mind for him is Fredo.
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  4. Seriously, if they don't play then there's no TV money, right? Won't that minus forty million dollars put a bit of a dent in TCU's debt service? Is there a federal bailout for that?
  5. I like that. We'll have designated games on which mask to wear. Of course some people will whine that they only wear purple masks, because that's their lucky mask color on a white out mask game.
  6. ncaa football will be played this season but the only announcer for every game you watch is beth mowins. deal?
  7. Corona gives "hands to the face" penalties a whole new meaning.
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  8. Just a drop in the bucket. The whole economy is absolutely scheissed.
  9. Bigger picture: are colleges going to have students living on campus in August/September? And if not, what are the ramifications of that...who's paying $60K/year or whatever for their kid to "attend" TCU or SMU online? Imagine the collective media freakout if one kid in one dorm tests positive (even though 18-22 year olds are about as low risk of a case imaginable for this virus)?
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  10. I just don’t see how we get from “no more than 10 people in one place” to, “yeah 100,000 fans who never bathe, and wash their hands once a week at Bryant Denny Stadium” in September.
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  11. Well, then, TCU should cancel the Cal, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and West Virginia games...and anticipate a 2-3 record in the conference and maybe 4-3 on what's left of the season?
  12. interesting, wimbledon has been cancelled for the first time since world war 2 and the british open was cancelled, though that was done as much to make sure they could collect the insurance payout

    curious how many athletic departments could afford big financial problems without the season
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Long time reader, almost first time reply-er here!

    Here are my thoughts:

    First: Pray; for with God all things are possible. And while lives are more important than football, it is a morale booster and a generator of revenue. It's part of God's good creation and gifts.

    Second: Prepare for the worst. Not talking zombie apocalypse or societal collapse here, just the reality that until we have a legitimate functioning vaccine all it takes is one player to be diagnosed with SARS-Cov-2 and it will all fall like a deck of cards. So I'm preparing my contigency plan: My children are now of age to be able to enjoy football. My plan is to play 1 game each Saturday from our Rose Bowl Year.

    Third: Hope for the best. The NCAA, like so many of us, were completely caught off guard in February/March, and had no idea how nasty and contagious this monster was. We didn't have all of the information in front of us (I wouldn't blame Obama, I wouldn't blame Trump; we're just going to learn from this), so we operated from our default, "this is just like the flu." As we battle it in our land and on our turf, we're learning it's rules, we're learning its weaknesses, we're learning best practices. And like Dr. Fauci shared, "By September, we're going to know so much more (what treatments worked or not, etc.)."..And so will the NCAA. So who knows: Maybe we get to play an abbreviated season and just skip Cal, Prairie View, & SMU? Maybe it's delayed until Spring? Maybe we do get to have it, but not in front of fans? Good Lord willing though, maybe it just completely works out and we get to have a season like no other. Jerry Kill and the return of Doug Meacham turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. That's definitely my hope.

    Until then, Pray, prepare, & above all, hope!
  15. But they need to be prepared for option B - full season, no changes, just no fans, all TV.

    The first major sport to start televising games is going to get HUGE ratings. Especially if done right (marquee matchup, some event pre-game)

  16. What athletic departments in our part of the country are essentially funded on payday loans?

    TTech comes to mind. But particularly . . . Baylor.
    How long can Ole BU hold her breath if NCAA and particularly B12 money stops?
  17. froggish pointed out that isu is asking coaches for certain sports to take a reduction in pay with no tournament payout for basketball.
  18. Once one does it everyone else will fall in line. Same like what happened when everyone started cancelling everything. Herd mentality.
  19. we have to get some type of sports going. I just bet on a madden sim that kicks off at 1. bills vs dolphins under 51.5.
  20. Not long. And this year's payout will be at least half of last year's.

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