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So, what are the odds of having a football season this fall?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by One Frog Nation, Mar 30, 2020.


Will there be a season this fall? Poll

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  1. Hell, yes. We gotta have football

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  2. No way in hell.

    9 vote(s)
  3. Well, maybe.

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  1. I'd say it's 50/50 right now
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  2. They need to be working on a plan now.

    Need to plan on getting the players back to campus by June 1, quarantine them in dorms with each other and start practicing/conditioning so that they are ready to go in early August for real camp.

    I just can't imagine the dollars that are lost if college football and NFL is cancelled for the season. Tens of billions if not more.
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  3. is the purpose of the university. of all universities to educate or to entertain?

    again, priority #1 for me would be when do the students return to campus? when do classes begin again on campus?

    until we reach that point why discuss sports......unless of course the sports are not an extension of the educational mission of the schools, but instead a money making enterprise which then would indicate to me the athletes are employees and not just students
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  4. I think in the South when it turns off hot, Corona will disappear. For the NE, and upper Midwest, I think they are in for the long haul. Same for NW and West coast.

    Time will tell.
  5. keep hearing all this theory about heat impairing the virus and yet i still look at the numbers from germany, switzerland, and norway.

    would seem those areas where a healthy life style is promoted might be a bigger indicator to severity of the virus
  6. Who’ll be on the cover?
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Just to be clear...my 97.7% estimate is the same estimate I have in any other year. I figure in a 2.3% chance of season abandonment in every year.
  9. You can do classes online, you can't play football online.

    Just like my job -- there's no need to worry about when I can go back to the office, I'm 99% functional from home. But there's a lot of other jobs than need to get back to their workplace to make money.
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  10. but is football critical to the mission of the university?

    if it is for economic reasons that sure sounds like the players are employees and not students
  11. It's critical for the success for some of those athletes. It's what they've signed up to do.

    I see no reason you couldn't begin to prepare for a season without fans. If things improve and fans can join, great, if not, ESPN and FOX cameras can show up.
  12. Texas A$M keeps it
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  13. but didn't they sign up to be student/ athletes?

    how do you ask the athletes to return to campus if it hasn't been cleared for the general population other than to make money which would seem to go back to the point that the athletes are employees and not students.

    the professional leagues generate a bulk of their income from television contracts, but colleges are dependent on ticket revenue and donations for a good portion of their annual athletic income.

    the potential liability of asking student athletes to return to campus when other programs such as dance for example aren't allowed for public health reasons would have to be significant when a player got sick and possibly worse
  14. So, I saw that Johnson & Johnson has developed a vaccine that they will start human testing in September and be ready for the general population in January. If all goes well. So, it is very possible that until the vaccine is ready for widespread use, this could pop up again. The players are obviously in close contact with each other. Lots of unknowns, I saw today a doctor that stated he didn't think if you had once that you could catch it a second time but he was completely sure, only that is true of similar viruses.
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  15. That was the CEO’s forecast but he seemed confident.
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  16. That was also intended for some FDA bureaucrats as a warning shot that he would be ready to go...would they?
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  17. Just make sure fans at the game are sitting at least six feet apart. Kind of like our non-conference games after halftime
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  18. Maniac would just suggest everyone sits in the lower west side
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  19. Can't believe the love Chris Cuomo is giving people on CNN though he has Covid19 himself. What a stud.
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  20. Stud wasn't quite the word I had in mind for Chris Cuomo.

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