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Shocking! Briles Already In Hot Water

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. They knew what they were getting when they hired him.
  2. scheiss em
  3. "Despite leading the Bears to a few BCS bowls." WTH? A few? Horrible, lazy writing.Since when is two, a few?
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  4. That didn’t take long
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  5. Athletic Bowl is their greatest achievement so they need to claim something
  6. I'll never forget the day that a Russell Athletic bowl rep came by our tailgate and said he was pre-scouting (or something to that effect) and said we'd need to win at least 9 games to make it into their bowl, as he was asking for directions. This was 2014.
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  7. They claim they’ve been to the Rose Bowl. They haven’t, but they claim it. They also didn’t rape.
  8. this is very interesting for a few reasons.

    first, the complaint can only be filed by a member of the district and sometime in august the district approved the transfer of the four players prior to mount vernon.

    that raises the question did something turn up that wasn't known in august or is someone from outside the uil district driving this second meeting.

    kids move all the time and if people think players don't move for better programs and schools your are crazy.

    atm's highest rated recruit (demond demas) is sitting out this year after transferring from north forest to tomball. north forest staff would not confirm the transfer wasn't for athletic reasons.

    when demas was ruled ineligible he made it clear he wasn't going back to north forest and i don't blame him.

    not defending briles in any way, but i am not sure these are cases of kids being recruited by briles and his staff.

    one of the players grew up in mount vernon, moved to dallas and played at molina, and then moved back this year.

    another one of the transfers is from out of state and the family moved to mt vernon.

    i agree with brewingfrog that mt vernon's supt had to no he was inviting this type of scrutiny when he hired briles as indicated by announcing the hiring prior to the board meeting late on a friday.
  9. Perhaps it should have said "led them to a few BCS defeats". Regardless this guy is a crook. Everyone knows it but people in Waco and Mt. Vernon. News must travel slowly to those backwater towns.

    Growing up my father use to have a saying about people like Art. They would rather climb a telephone pole to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground and tell the truth. Art obviously has some kind of demented character trait that prevents him from doing the right thing.
  10. You peoples need to be nice to F Art. His Mammy and his Pappy died in a car crash but he still sucked it up and played in the game. or some such.

    Your hatred only reveals your own inadequacies.
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  11. actually art's parents and his aunt were driving from rule to dallas to watch uh and smu play when they were killed prior to the game.

    bill yoeman decided not to tell briles until after the game of their dying in the car crash. he also wasn't sure at the time if his then girl friend/ now wife was involved as she was supposed to make the trip with them to watch the game.

    that doesn't justify anything that has happened under any art briles led program, just adds some context as i have been told his dad could have been the inspiration for jon voight's character in varsity blues.
  12. I'm not buying that Briles doesn't have a ready explanation to each of these accusations. He is too clever to be caught cheating this soon. Mind you I am not saying he is an angel, I am saying I will believe he has been caught red handed when I see that the paint has dried.
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  13. If he is in hot water already, the key is to turn it up slowly so that he doesn't jump out. Before you know it, he'll be all done.
  14. Hey, no analogies comparing Briles to Frogs.
  15. For the most part you are completely correct in this post.

    However, I can personally vouch for the fact that kids are recruited by high school coaches to come and play for them. We need look no further than our own back yard for that, with SR's history of moving teams in HS. Of course some will truly be moving just because of their parents job situation or a million other reasons for why people move. That being said, I can guarantee you that some of the people that are moving schools like that are looking for something. And that something is a coach that will get them on the field, no matter what. "If I can get on the field and show them what I can do, they'll help me get into the league! Then it won't matter what my grades were!" Briles has proven himself, time and again, to not care about the moral or academic fabric of the kids that are under him. "Just win. We can handle the rest, you just focus on football, son."

    I would love to see the phone logs of these transfer kids, and see how many calls just "happen" to be from a Mt. Vernon area code some time after May 21st, specifically from a MVISD telephone. (Or a burner phone that had never contacted them before or since...) I'd also like to see a transcript of their classroom performance last year compared to this year, and how suddenly so many things are just "clicking" into place this year

    Call me a cynic, but I trust this man about as far as I would trust a shark in a koi pond.
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  16. Briles' methods continue to initiate patterns of illegality and chicanery.
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  17. recruiting happens on a regular basis in every high school sport.

    matthew purke suddenly transferred from lufkin high school to klein high school his senior season. the only yearbook photo of purke his senior year is his team photo with the baseball team.

    supposedly his dad got promoted, but mom and the rest of the family stayed while matthew moved to play for klein where it just so happened a number of his klein teammates just happened to be guys he played select baseball with in prior seasons.

    katy's starting tailback this year moved in from out of state. now i am not saying katy recruited him, but when the family moved to the houston area does anyone believe that the football program helped determine where the family was moving to in the houston area?

    no different than kids at judson in sa and now steele, southlake, argyle, carthage, ducanville etc.....

    no need for art to make phone calls. the kid who played at dallas molina still had family in mt vernon so just go talk to them.

    i am in no way defending briles, but as said before the uil district committee approved the transfer of the 4 kids back in august.

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