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Shocking! Briles Already In Hot Water

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. i think that committee said that there were kids from colorado who were eligible today. However, seems some of the committee dodged.
    Reportedly, 6 could vote. 3 voted requirements were met, 3 abstained. votes are sent to UIL for review.

    but millions affirm that briles sux.
  2. Alright, which of you did this?

    According to Mt. Vernon ISD Police Chief Max Cannaday, there have been reports of vandals putting stickers up around town (in a restaurant bathroom and on fruit and aisles of a grocery store) that read "Art Briles Protects Rapists."
    The vandals are on camera but have yet to be caught; Cannaday believes they're outsiders not from Mt. Vernon.

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. “...uh, well, uh... Let’s just talk about football!”
  5. Nothing new about this, Kenneth Davis was from Bartlett and suddenly when Temple wanted him, his father got a good job there, so he could end playing for Temple!
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  6. Nobody said it was new, they just said it was cheating.
  7. Hey welcome, brand new member!
  8. Thought he transferred from L D Bell
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  9. A SNFFF virgin?
  10. Briles is gonna cheat.

    Probably brought in ineligible Swis players and a French QB so he could win the Italian pasta league Spaghetti Bowl.
  11. pretty interesting back story on the players in question.

    the district committee had two prior ruled the players eligible, but after the last meeting there were rumors that at least one of the superintendents in the district were not going to let this thing go.

    today the district committee met and ruled the nellor brothers ineligible. they moved in to mt vernon from loveland, colorado.

    here comes the interesting back story. the brothers are living with lynx hawthorne. some might recognize hawthorne's name because he played football for baylor when briles was head coach and after he graduated from baylor he played professional football in....wait for it...italy for art briles.

    hawthorne is in mt vernon making a documentary about briles return to texas football.

    so how in the world did two brothers from colorado end up in mt vernon living with a former baylor player who went to high school in refugio, texas?

    lynx hawthorne's wife is from loveland, colorado.

    i haven't heard if she has a family connection to the nellor's, but you would have to think there is something there.

    oh, mt vernon says they will appeal to uil so this isn't done yet.
  12. Please let the UIL snoop some more. Dude doesn’t know how not to cheat
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  13. what i was told is it isn't the uil, but a few supes in the district who weren't in favor of him being hired in the first place and haven't let this thing go even though the district eligibility committee ruled twice the players could play.
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  14. I understand it happens everywhere but how dumb can you be to do something like this year one? Seems pretty cut and dry that the players aren’t here for valid reasons with the relationship Briles has with Hawthorne
  15. you are exactly right that it happens everywhere.

    multiple sports as well, but when you are in a fairly small town, halfway between dallas and bfe, two kids move in from a smaller town in colorado, and they are staying with a guy who doesn't live in mt vernon, but visiting to show a documentary on his former college coach
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  16. Just wait until his player strength program ‘kicks in’. That’s when the real problems start.
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  17. Ironically, I was calling on docs in Stephenville today and asked a few of them what they thought about AB returning to town to coach D1 Tarleton. They did not find that scenario amusing at all.
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