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Shawn Robinson tranferring

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by gdu, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. That post sums up my feelings very well.
  2. I was always under the impression JR was more of a true passer that could run some, but didn’t rely on it. Is that wrong? Seems like the foot issue while bad, would be less impactful if that’s the case.
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  3. This has echoes of Casey printers all over it. Unhappy about offense not being totally made for him and struggling- thry think it’s the school not them.
    I wish him luck but historically these transfers rarely benefit the kid.
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  4. Yes he did not like being considered a dual threat if I remember correctly when he came out of high school
  5. If this is true - and I have no idea if it is - why do yo have a problem with it? Coaches and athletes move all the time. I used to be a sports writer in Denton (when there were only two high schools) and spoke with coaches at multiple high schools who moved every year for all sorts of reasons.

    Moving to help your son succeed on the field is not new and it is not limited to the Robinsons (I am not related nor I do I know them). I remember my first editor in Denison moved his family to a small town in Nebraska so his son's talents could be showcased in golf. It helped get him a scholly to a small school in Indiana. Do you look down on them, too?
  6. Teams are going to be wary of his mental aspects - and his turnover stats. He’ll find teams to play for but he starting anywhere is not guaranteed
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. wait, wait, wait.....he moved to NEBRASKA to have his son's talent's showcased in golf?
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  9. Big fish in a small pond syndrome........guess he couldn't crack the Yellow Jacket varsity.
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  10. I have a visceral reaction to the word “showcase” used in connection to the demonstration of talent.

    Doesn’t bother me on The Price is Right.
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  11. i love my kids, but hell no......
  12. You sound fun.
  13. Not untrue but I think Cumbie and GP envision a duel threat offense
  14. This one would not shock me. It was very possible he would not be the starter next year.
  15. Doesn’t matter much. Foot drop is a legit problem. Even pocket passers need to move a bit. JR may have to hang up his cleats.
  16. I think Cumbie wanted and already knew Robinson was going to be his 2018 starter.

    Why not? It's his first QB recruit in TCU and it would be sending a bad sign if he picked someone else, especially a transfer?

    True or not, maybe it hurt his development.
  17. tight end?
  18. Just getting a like and a quote for more of that avatar...
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  19. Our O-line played pretty dang well last year. which is impressive considering how injured they got.
  20. ?????
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