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Shawn Robinson tranferring

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by gdu, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. His mom was the head girls BB coach at Guyer and son and dad followed her there. She then got the HC job at DeSoto and again father and son followed. Othell was an assistant at both Guyer and DeSoto. His dad is not Mike Robinson who resigned as HC at DeSoto and is now the assistant AD. Mike came from North Mesquite and is a long time HC in Texas HS and not related to Shawn.

    Andrea has won state titles and is considered one of the best coaches in the state.

    The comments on Shawn's HS transfers are completely misinformed. All were work related and one of the exceptions to the transfer rules but all were legit career moves for Andrea.
  2. Sorry to see Shawn go, but I must admit that I have not seen so many back foot throws since Casey Printers completed more passes to TAMU defenders than his own receivers in the Mattress Mac bowl.
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  3. Yep. Kind of a weird two way street.
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    shawn is no longer a 4-start recruit, he is a sophomore quarterback with 7 career starts who is transferring after a rough season and shoulder surgery.

    yes, he has talents, but those talents aren't unique and won't guarantee playing time. any major program he transfers to will have other 4-STAR RECRUITS. any program he goes to will continue to recruit players at that postion.

    there comes a point when you no longer get hired because of the school you attended, but instead on what you have done in your work history.

    shawn is halfway through his college career and he and whomever is advising him need to sit down and ask themselves serious questions about why it did not work out at tcu to the point he felt compelled to transfer. not blaming him or giving tcu a pass, but this isn't as simple as looking at depth charts and counting on his talent to shine through.
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  5. Things don't always work out as hoped and planned. There is not always a party to blame, just did not work.

    Good Luck Shawn, I loved watching you play for the Frogs.
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  6. Probably already been posted but he might need a year to recover from the surgery. If he redshirts next year his future here gets murky with Collins, Max and Rogers here. He may be looking for a Kenny Hill opportunity. Going to a place where the current qb has one more year and there is no one currently on campus to replace him. He gets to heal and learn and have two years of eligibility left.
  7. I'll preface this by saying all of the obligatory "like the kid" "he's a good Frog", etc. Not trying to disparage him.

    I guess I just don't see what everyone else does in MC as a starting QB. He had one good quarter against a terrible defense that gave up 40 points to Kansas, lost to Kansas, scored 14 points and beat K-State on a missed XP, then he was the QB for the biggest loss of the Patterson era. That's not all on him, obviously, but...some of it kinda has to be, right? Obviously the turnover margin improvement when he came in was HUGE but....as a clear #1 going in to next year? Not sure I see that.
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  8. That's why I said IF he chooses wisely.

    Go to a program that doesn't always get 4 star qb"s.

    A program with an offense that can showcase his skills.
  9. Dude, how could you have missed Rush?

  10. Unless your last name is Robinson I’m pretty comfortable saying that you have no clue if this is actually true (and neither do the rest of us). You telling me she takes that job and Shawn follows her if Desoto had a bad team? No chance in hell. Her career moves may well have been 110% above board but if you think for one second that Shawn wasn’t jumping from program to program because he perceived that each stop was better than the previous then you’re kidding yourself.
  11. agree todd, there are possibilities, but as i said before there should be very few players on the offensive side of the ball who should have any degree of certainty about positions on the depth chart after this season.
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  12. I just see him as a viable short-to-medium term option and someone who you can probably win some games with. More or less a bridge to the younger QBs behind him.
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  13. I’m in agreement...And I think the staff would really like him to take the reigns
  14. My guess would be Arky because it fits within the criteria you mentioned.
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    Yeah, I hear he is a real snake.

    Spencer Rattler.
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  16. His mom was supposed to be the BB coach at Brewer this year but changed her mind and stayed at Desoto.
  17. If SR surfaces in Baton Rouge, he can get some indirect vengeance on TAMU.
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    Collins didn’t do anything great. He just didn’t turn the ball over repeatedly. He could also read a blitz better. The OL might have been playing it’s worst ball of the season with Collins under center.

    Being a great athlete with physical gifts doesn’t mean much if you can’t protect the ball and somewhat read a defense.
  19. I decided to look at this when comparing P5 vs P5 with Shawn and Collins. Shawn played better teams, but he also had more players around him than Collins last two games. Regardless, I think you can give Shawn a slight curve here. Both guys played 4 full games against P5 teams this year and it's below:

    Comp %: 62%
    Yards Per Game: 244
    Total TDs: 5 (5 passing 0 Rushing)
    Turnovers: 10 (7 INTS, 3 Lost Fumbles)
    Rush YPG: 29.5
    Rush YPA: 3.2

    Comp %: 58%
    Yards Per Game: 235
    Total TDs: 7 (5 passing 2 Rushing)
    Turnovers: 2 (2 INTS, 0 Lost Fumbles)
    Rush YPG: 20.5
    Rush YPA: 2.3

    Overall, neither player was really dynamic this year but Shawn had 2 turnovers for every TD. That is just really bad and there is no way to deny it. Collins didn't light the world on fire either but he protected the ball much better and just appeared to be in better control out there.

    All that said, I am bummed to see him go especially if it ended on bad terms. Seemed well-spoken and a good ambassador for TCU Football. I was probably too hard on him this year as the deficiencies on offense weren't the fault of one player--even the QB. If he stuck around I figured he would have had a good shot to start next year.
  20. i agree collins' biggest achievements were not making mistakes early on and making better decisions.

    not sure if we can pinpoint the actual lowest point of the offensive line play this year, middle part of the year was similar to walking through intensive care unit and picking out the sickest person in the area. even the "good" games were pretty putrid.

    do believe the question with mike is what he does well offset his limitations? i think we all got frustrated with what was happening with shawn for whatever reason that average appeared good.

    one big reason why i hope frogs have multiple quarterbacks physically capable of competing this spring.
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