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Saturday college football thread....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. These are two bad defenses.
  2. Not sure who has the worst green...UNT or the Stars.
  3. Baylor
  4. Mourning.gif
  5. I'm trying.... but I can't get into these game at all. I'm real curious to see if a TCU game will be any different. I can usually watch college football ALL DAY.... I'm currently watching hockey and I can't name one player on either team.
  6. Basically how I’ve been as well. Will watch for maybe 5 minutes before I start to stray.

    Currently watching the third episode of Raised by Wolves.
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  7. Watching first season of Yellowstone.
  8. If not for golf this would have been the worst Saturday in September since before the forward pass.
  9. First time or repeat?
  10. This Miami - Louisville game is hilarious, 2 straight drives Louisville has scored a TD to get within 7, only for the next play to be a Miami 75 yard TD. TWICE!
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  11. When the only Big 12 team playing all day is OSU vs Tulsa and the 2:30 CBS game is Appalachian St vs Marshall, I can see that.
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  12. Obviously there are extenuating circumstances but this had to be the worst week of college football games in the history of humanity.
  13. I never thought I'd say that I'd watched two Georgia Tech games and no TCU games in the first couple of weeks of a football season.
  14. Everything sucks man, everything sucks.
  15. That’s a good show.
  16. Until next week...

  17. That is why I gamble. I’m not a high stakes gambler. I like Parlays because it gives me excitement for an entire game. I had Tulane +22, Navy +8, UCF -7.5, UNT +14, and Miami +2.5.

    I enjoyed the entire day, but I was strategic. I picked games at time slots so I could spread out and watch all day. 11 am, 2:30, 6ish.

    I never thought I would EVER watch an SMU v UNT game well into the 4th quarter of a blowout, but all UNT had to do was get to a 13 point loss.

    We could do a KillerFrogs Pick Em if that’d help folk. I started a 10 game Pick Em for my friends, mostly just bragging rights, but we could do something here if y’all like. Just for KFC folk.

    Player with the most correct number picked for the year gets a special badge by their name for the year or something.
  18. The Louisville match was a dud. Miami looked like a College team playing a H.S. team. The size differential was noticeable, and telling. Miami scored almost at will, and the early 14 point cushion stayed there.

    Of course, the worst aspect was the fact that it is Visit Your Deer Camp Weekend, meaning the normally decent internet service out here was bogged down and choppy. Ugh.

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