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Sad day for Boykin

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Very very sad on so many levels.
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  2. Where does a dude like Boykin fall in the prison hierarchy? Enforcer, affiliated , non affiliated, religious convert. Pretty crazy it came to this.
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  3. Can’t fix stupid. I hope he didn’t behave that way in school. It seems a lot of things might have been covered up while he was here because you don’t go from choir boy to criminal overnight.
  4. Jewelry salesman
  5. Ding ding ding
  6. How do they pay in-house tattoo artist , there’s no money in prison right?
  7. Ramen and cigarettes...
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  8. Prisons develop their own currencies.
  9. As long as it's not rod polisher, I think he's okay.
  10. This is certainly true. As is the fact people that look like Boykin almost always get harsher sentences for the same crimes than people that look like Manziel—and the lawyer quality is only part of the reason.

    But beyond that, Boykin beat the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out of someone. Manziel’s misdeeds never crossed into that territory, as best I recall. So comparing Boykin and Manziel is certainly not an apples to apples comparison.

    IMO could’ve—maybe should’ve—been a harsher sentence for TB. The news stories were horrifying.
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  11. This quote was funnier when I was a kid and just stupid.
  12. TCU seems to be pretty consistent with not letting players with felony charges play in bowl games.

    That said I still love TB.

    He played as hard as any Frog that ever put on the purple.

    Watching his fall was like watching a toddler pulling on the dining table cloth at Thanksgiving dinner as the heavy plates slowly come toward him knowing the end will be ugly.

    As CP says, this is about life. Not wins and losses.
  13. Violence against women is unacceptable no matter who he is. Screw him. He’s got nobody to blame but himself.

    Don’t hit women.
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  14. Appalling to witness the ruination of a life and future in such an inglorious manner.
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  15. What happened with Turpin and his troubles ?
  16. EABOD

    "According to regents at Baylor University, 19 of the school’s football players were accused of sexual assault by 17 women since 2011, including four alleged gang rapes. Art Briles, Baylor’s former football coach, was fired in May for not properly addressing the claims of sexual assault. The Wall Street Journal spoke with regents who claimed that Briles knew about an alleged sexual assault and did nothing about it. “There was a cultural issue there that was putting winning football games above everything else, including our values,” J. Cary Gray, one of the regents, said. “We did not have a caring community when it came to these women who reported that they were assaulted. And that is not OK.”

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