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Sad day for Boykin

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. It got to a point where this outcome seemed only a matter of time. Sad sad sad.
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  2. Sad ain’t the right word. How he’s represented himself over the last few years is pathetic and makes me angry. Pissed away the chance at a pretty promising career.
  3. Truth. Stick it out for 4-5 years and you never need to save another penny. Completely change your family and course of family history; instead he just furthers it.
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  4. With money comes some responsibility and accountability. I don't think Boykin or anyone in his family for that matter really wants anything to do with that.
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  5. Kind hard to fathom, but TB ended up being a bigger dumbarse than Manziel. Johnny Foosball mucked it up with over partying and being immature, but he didn’t go off the deep end and start committing crimes. JM looks like choirboy compared to TB at this point.
  6. If the news reports were anywhere close to right about that beat-down he gave his GF, he got off much light, IMO.
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  7. It really isn't that hard to fathom.
  8. Waiting for muck to weigh in and blame TCU.
  9. Wow. Got off pretty easy if you ask me.
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  10. Sad? He asked for it. Idiot and a TCU embarrassment.
  11. Johnny Manziel slapped his girlfriend (a TCU student) so hard that it left her deaf in one ear for three and a half months, and he sounded like a serial abuser. He definitely went beyond "over partying and being immature".

  12. May help explain the two of them (TB and JM) hanging out together in the offseason.
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  15. Exactly. JM comes from money. Law doesn’t apply the same.
  16. What’s this about?
  17. .

    He comes from East Texas Mafia Money
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  18. "...and he ultimately took responsibility for his actions,” Eppes said." Really? Took responsibility how? By being arrested and then taking a plea deal? That dude doesn't know what responsibility is.

    His lawyer Eppes also makes it seem like there will still be a chance for him to play football when he gets out(in about a year). That's laughable too. That ship sailed long ago.
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