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Rumors about Max being cleared....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Never ever seen our scholarship OL players grow like this over one year before... 3 of which are expected starters.

    Avila - 314(+6)
    Harris - 320(+25)
    Lance - 311(+16)
    McMillon - 300(+20)
    T.Guyton - 306(+31)
    Nichols - 278(+23)
    Coker - 326(+16)
    Storment - 325(+5)
    Brown - 330(+35)
    Williams - 314(+29)

    Probable if not very possible starters.

    White - 314(same)
    Barlow - 353(-7)
    Coleman - +320(same)

    This is going to be our biggest 2 deep(322) ever... and there is talent in there, so let's hope they gel !
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  2. Try page 11 of this thread. Crypto usually knows what he's talking about. You could also subscribe over at the 247 site. Jeremy has given very specific info on the matter over there.
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  3. Not impressed, we have all added covid weight
  4. I remember being a young man looking at the OL weights and being somewhat awed. Now all I think is how I really need to lose weight.
  5. Not Barlow / White / Coleman / Dike / Myers / Hollins / nor I ...
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  6. I recall that episode of The Three Stooges. The golf episode was even better.
  7. TCU food has got to be better than when I was in school and ARA made Chicken tettrizeni every Thursday.
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  8. I lost weight, and after my colonoscopy, I lost even more!
    My pre-colonoscopy cleanse weight was 238.
    Post =224
  9. Sounds like you're full of [ #2020 ] to me.
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  10. You should add more fiber to your diet
  11. I know we all want Max back now, and maybe we get him sooner than we think, but what’s the status of Downing? Has he healed up and back at practice yet?
  12. I do. I think I have conditioned my bowels to save big ones for Waco, that now that I have no release, well, it keeps wanting to store it.

  13. Quite a contrast in the size of today's players when compared to those in the past. That great 1955 Swink

    team had three All-Americans (Swink, Pitts, Hamilton) and the largest player weighed 230~235.
  14. Hot take - Downing is going to be a MAJOR PLAYER and the health crisis for Duggan was just a cover to save face for losing the job to a walk-on

    I made this up but I believe it is exactly as reliable as every other post here
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  15. Duggan is cleared for Saturday
  16. Of course, they did have to play both ways. Kind of hard to carry 300+ lbs. while on the field for 60 minutes.
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  17. #15 will be bringing the Magic or “Maxic” to AGC this Sat.
  18. Please don't be yanking our chain. Please don't be yanking our chain. Please don't be yanking our chain...
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  19. Remember the dreaded chicken with feathers still attached?

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