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Rumors about Max being cleared....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. What's an absolute travesty is that I can't find the TCU vs Kansas 2019 game online anywhere. It's the game where Barlow and Foster got by far their most carries in 2019
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  2. still see osu as having equal if not better skill talent based upon production and they appear to be in an offensive system that maximizes their talent

    hubbard is the best back in the conference, if wallace has recovered from the knee he is a legit #1 which tcu has to find to replace reagor and stoner is a solid compliment. those would be two 4-year starters and i would guess their 3-year production in terms of catches, yards, and td's comes close to the entire frogs receiving group

    the frogs have talent on paper on the offensive side of the ball, but at some point it has to stop being practice reports of someone looking really good and potential because for the past two years we have seen missed throws, dropped passes, blown assignments, and struggles.

    it is time for things to get in order on the offensive side of the ball and if it is me being negative so be it, but as far as i am concerned we are a top half offense on paper and that doesn't mean a thing until it happens on the field
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  3. Over the last few years TCU has snapped it about 65 times a game . I bet they run Zone Read on 30 of them
  4. Ranking the Offensive Skills positions of the B12
    1. OU
    2. OSU
    3-4 UT or TCU
    5. Baylor

    If objectively looking solely at potential
    QB Duggan
    RBs - Barlow Evans Foster
    WR- Hunt, Barber, Spielman, QJohnson
    TE- Wells

    TCU has the horses to run it up on anyone. The scheme has been bad, the execution has been lazy, and the QB play has been erratic at best. All coaching issue that it appears GP has attempted to address this off season.

    Ask yourself this...If an offensive minded B12 coach like Riley, Matt Wells, or Gundy had to roll out with our skills players I listed above, do you think we’d be a top 30 offense? I think so. Would be probably drop off defensively..Probably but the point is our problems are so clearly on the sidelines it’s becoming boring to continue to talk about.
  5. You keep saying "production" and "system".... I'm just talking about pure talent. Stoner is a really good player, he doesn't have more talent than Q Johnson or JD Spielman. I'm not sure he has any more than Barber. Chuba Hubbard is outstanding. He was also a three star recruit rated similar to Barlow/Foster and significantly below Evans. Is he more talented than all of them?
  6. I think there is a tendency for every fan base to overrate their better players to a degree, relative to the competition. I see some solid prospects here, but I'm not sure I see "man, these guys should be lighting up the scoreboard".
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  7. Was there some report that indicated this? Did Moose ...er ... uh ... JC report something?

    (Sorry Robin ... uh ... Higgins ... I mean Moose)
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  8. He'd be working with a lesser OL but give Lincoln our O with a healthy Max and there's a decent chance he leads the conference in scoring.
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  9. why don't you pick the most subjective criteria to stake your position because not only is there no way to accurately gauge in in the end it doesn't scheissing matter if your don't produce

    as far as hubbard? hell yes, what didn't you see last year from him that he needs to show that he is the best back in the big 12 and i don't trust the recruiting rankings in texas or the usa so i damn well don't trust the recruiting gurus to properly gauge a kid coming out of the football recruiting hotbed of canada

    2,000 yards in college trumps yards gained against vernon, east bernard, katy and duncanville

    understand you are high on the frogs this year and i am not saying we are headed for another offensive dumpster fire. i have said as much as anyone hear that some of the offensive talent has been underrated by the recruiting sites, but in the end if you don't get production it doesn't matter

    part of that is the talent brought on campus, part of that is scheme, part of that is player development, and part of that is play calling in game situations.

    right now, based upon the last few years the frogs have done above average in one of those four or am i being too negative there as well
  10. Suck it up
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  11. if they are allowed to use whatever scheme they wish it hinges on the consistency of the quarterback play

    the most consistent of those receivers is a transfer, hunt has physical talent but lacked consistency, two above average slot receivers, and as for quentin lets see what happens when he faces college corners who will physically challenge him
  13. Could we let this thread die? Please, so I'll quit checking to see if there are any updates on Max.
  14. My thoughts, it has to do with an overall team philosophy. Saban is a defensive mind but repeatedly has balanced stats. His secret?
  15. as if you have anything else to do with all the strip clubs closed down between the metroplex and new mexico
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  16. Skilled players aside, what level of performance should we expect to see from the offensive line?
  17. Why do we rotate 30 receivers each play? Why not let our 4 star and great receivers play the whole game?
  18. He's practicing and entirely possible he plays next week.
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  19. A few things. I did say that I was basing my 3-4 ranking in skill potential and I stand by that. I don’t think it’s purple glasses to see better talent at TCU than KSt, TT, Bay, WVU, KU, or ISU. If a casual fan could focus on anything other than the QB position I think most level headed fans would agree with where I think our talent level is in respect to the rest of the league. Secondly I think the production in our group has been failed by the Offensive staff. So while our on field production is rough, the potential is there to move the ball and put up points. Talent is meaningless if doesn’t produce. I get that but there is talent in the building and by in large we haven’t coached it to reach its potential
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  20. Thanks.
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