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Rumors about Max being cleared....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Yes this is the point I was making. Not that we haven’t had the conversation about what we want to be but that we, up until now, continue to arrive a bizarro conclusion that is a mash up of a lot of different concepts. My hope is that Kill recognizes that the mashup BS is way too noisy and wants us to be good at something not average at a lot of things. While I personally have my opinions of what I’d like us to be good at, I don’t even care of what it is at this point. Run the ARaid, RPO, Triple Option, Wing T, Single Wing, or Power I. Who cares..just run something that doesn’t suck.

    If we have below AVG QBs and below AVG WRs well than it’s pretty obvious we have below avg recruiters who may also be below avg coaches. In such case we are in effect just a mediocre pile of [ #2020 ] program. I however believe we are pretty talented so my guess is the coaching piece is the problem. Does getting Meacham and Kill in here solve that? Sure hope so. It’s certainly a step in the right direction
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  2. Not hard on 1st downs as TCU typically runs the ball on first down every dang time!!
  3. This thread needs to go off track again.
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  4. Pretty sure Parker did an analysis on this and found how terrible of a strategy this is. And that TCU was a big offender
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  5. One of the worst in college football I believe
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  6. Based upon what we've all read, Cumbie's intrinsic value is getting highly sought after high school players to come here, most recently including interior offensive linemen. Having Cumbie joined with Meacham and Kill together running an offense is unconventional and perhaps a hodge podge as their approaches conflict with one another. I feel, however, that these guys are going to concoct a solid plan that will produce a good offense in the years to come.

    Gary has righted the ship before, and I believe will do so again. I believe Gary will produce a break through season over the next 3-4 years.
  7. You just described about half of the Fortune 500 companies. Wish I could find the Forbes article titled “How HR Killed Pfizer”.
  8. We've all got some doubts about the offense based on the mess we've seen the last 2 years. I personally will wait until a game is played in 2020 before bitching about the structure of the 2020 offense.

    Crazy approach for a message board I know. Now I'm going to get a slice of pumpkin pie.
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  9. Is this close enough to give you a lead to the one you referenced?
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  10. It doesn’t even take one second to guess the one, yes, one, play out of the wild frog...
  11. I understand the point you're shooting for but this is a terrible analogy. It's not like we've got the head of the training staff calling plays. We've got someone on the offensive staff with a ton of experience running an offense and calling plays.

    So really it's more like having a CFO but the VP of Accounting does all of the accounting.
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  12. Sewo made it work in the red zone, also remember how the "2nd" play out of it worked against SMU.
  13. It was during that regime yes and I had a front freaking row seat
  14. Cause he was a truck, when he decided to actually run like a truck. Everyone on god’s green earth knew what play was coming and which way it was being run every single time.

    BUT, I’ll take it over that godforsaken fade that Cumbie seems married to.
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  15. I remember it working for a TD just before half at the 47-7 Utah game up there...First play after a fumble recovery, IIRC....
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  16. sounds like you’ve got a few stories to tell
  17. Looking more and more likely Duggan will be ready, but may not start, for ISU.
  18. You would certainly have to think that since Kill was brought in for the very purpose of evaluating what the offense was doing and the end result of that evaluation is that SC is no longer really the OC.
  19. Maybe he can play a few series to start, then once we get the offense moving and finally score, we can bring in the backup.
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  20. Cumbie likes the cut of your jib.
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