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Reagor going Pro.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Sounds like KD Cannon.....smh

    good luck Jalen, thanks again for your commitment to TCU, goes a long way
  2. Tough one. I'm gonna guess about late 2nd to early 3rd round.
  3. Given the WR class coming out this year it should have put him back on campus.
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  4. JR,

    I really hope you do well in the camps and tryout sessions. Remember that there are lots of fast people trying out - you have to be mentally tough in the route and catching drills.

    About 70% of this is located between your ears. Stay focused; you can do this!.
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  5. And also a misused/wasted talent...
  6. If he and Duggan were on the same page on go routes Reagor would have double the TDs this season. Seemed like half were overthrown and half Reagor would give up or break off.
  7. What was he going to do, come back for one more year at TCU and "improve his craft"?!
  8. With all the excellent coaches we have? Our offense does not require crisp route running. I think his numbers would be better if he came back but I don’t see him getting much better here if he would have stayed.
  9. Chances he gets worse seem high-to-certain.
  10. Can’t believe he’d want to leave this high octane offense we’ve been cooking up...

    Wishing him all the best and thanking him for what he brought to us.
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  11. What is a TE. I heard about them once on another team.
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  12. We actually did start to use our TEs this year for a change. Obviously, I feel we should use them more but it is progress from the prior season where we hardly ever used them in the passing game. But from my perspective, we have two proven pass catching TEs that should only get better with more practice. Given that our receiving corps is not currently elite, it would only make sense to rely on the TEs more. I wouldn't even mind seeing 3 TE sets at times.
  13. Dayum.
  14. Without any real knowledge of the subject - I think Wex said it best that his metrics at the combine will out weigh his lack of numbers at TCU

    And that might get him drafted - the question is can the NFL teach him to run routes so he can have a career

    because we know one thing about the NFL - you have to run a route structure and timing that is on the same page as the QB or you will never see the field

    as one great coach told a recent rookie QB - “you see the side of his helmet sticking out -that is open in the NFL”

    and then can he make the catch in a crowd like that
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  15. The thing that caught my eye about the route running.....was it because he's a meathead or because we don't have WR coach that can teach him?
  16. I think it is a combination of coaching and our offense not requiring crisp route running. Probably one of the reason Doctson struggled so much, remember it was one of his weaknesses coming out.
  17. No idea really

    seems like a lot of the talented WR don’t run strong routes because in HS they were just so much better than everyone they didn’t have to - like an 8th grader playing street ball with 4th graders

    but then most of WRs don’t run good routes and can’t get separation - so maybe it’s coaching also?
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  18. Interestingly enough, Malcolm Kelly, our 1st year outside receivers coach, was one of the two coaches Reagor thanked, and one of the very few on staff with actual NFL experience.

    I'm still hopeful about Kelly. CGP needs to help our inside receivers coach, much as he did Kelly's predecessor, on to other opportunities.
  19. I don’t understand how a kid can spend 3-4 years in college supposedly working and training every day, and by the time they are done they don’t really know how to run pass routes well, or are “clueless” about it. Even if the offense doesn’t really “require” it, wouldn’t it still be helpful? And what else are they doing with their time? What are the WR coaches teaching them? Nothing?

    And I’m not just talking about TCU. It’s prevalent throughout college football, receivers who don’t really have a clue about technical route running entering the draft.
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