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Reagor going Pro.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Good luck to him.
  2. Good luck Jalen. Thanks for committing to TCU and I hope you draft high.
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  3. The right move for him especially with the complete unknowns going on with the QB and coaching situations next season. Why risk another mediocre year or potential injury to himself. Good luck Reagor!!!!
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  4. NEVER?
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  5. Best of luck kid! Go kill it.
  6. Best of luck, hope you become a star!
  7. Well, if you had seen him "coaching" our WR coaches on the sidelines all year, and given the tweet from his dad, that was a classy message. I have heard him speak pretty highly of Coach Luper in interviews.
  8. To all the people saying we didn't use him; what did you want us to do differently?

    He returned punts and kickoffs
    We let him rush a career high 14 times this year
    23.5% of all passes thrown in 2019 were targeted at Reagor
    Should we let him kick extra points or something?

    He had 43 receptions in 93 targets (46%) his worst as a Frog
    Reagor fumbled the ball 6 times this year
    1 reception in 9 targets against Baylor
    1 reception in 7 targets against OU
    His drop against WVU, that turned into an interception
    If you remove Reagor's '19 stats, TCU goes 168/302 55.6% passing, instead of 211/395 53.4%
  9. This WR group is not very good, this might be the worse group we have had since joining the big 12. We supposedly have a lot of talent in the group but aside from #4 we are just bad. #9 plays like he is scared of the ball, #7 should probably be in the outside and be a deep ball guy, not a quicker slot guy. Don’t know anything about #2 and #80 looks slow and has a hard time catching the ball. #12 is quick but he also can’t catch. Don’t even know who else there is. #22 caught everything when he played but he is thin. Going into this season I was hoping #7 and #9 were going to take big steps forward but that never happened.
  10. What's comforting is the absolute powerhouses we have behind him- a bunch of well established studs
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  11. Anybody know if Dylan Thomas will return for his senior year or has he given up football due to his injuries? We could really use him next year for his good hands and route running. We just would need to find a way to keep him healthy.
  12. All have done a very good job hiding their talents such that opposing teams will not have any useful film to better defend against them for next year.
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  13. I think you're trying to equate "targets" with "balls that Reagor could have come down with". That's not the case. Surely you aren't suggesting that he had 8 drops against Baylor and 6 drops against OU? Or 50 drops on the season? A lot of his "targets" were balls that he had no chance at. Some drops, yes, but not most.

    What did I want us to do differently? Figure out a better way for our QB to get the ball to him. We didn't do that.
  14. I think he will do very well in the NFL, unless he has a completely incompetent OC.
  15. Jalen Reagor NFL Scouting Report


    Doesn’t utilize all of his strength when attacking the catchpoint, the ball can get dislodged by defensive backs. Ball skills can come and go, as he is not always reaching away from his frame. There has been concentration drops throughout his career at TCU, which can stem from his inconsistent ball skills.

    Team sources say that Reagor has no clue how to run a route and will need to be coached up on that. Reagor has above-average hands for a smaller speed receiver, but he drops passes once in awhile.

    As a junior and in the leadup to the draft, it would help Reagor if he showed an improved ability to run routes and also showed steadiness with his hands.
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  16. I don’t think he was equating that at all unless you are just wanting to read something more into it. Common sense would tell you that he was trying to show that we were doing everything we knew how to do to get him the ball. The fact that they couldn’t do so successfully doesn’t help, but it’s not like we weren’t trying.
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  17. giphy.gif
  18. How many times when the ball was thrown to him was he not where he was supposed to be? I guess we'll never know but judging by his reactions on a lot of plays, I'm guessing it was more than a few. I agree, I think we tried to get the ball to him, we were just so bad at it that it didn't make a whole lot of sense to keep forcing something that wasn't there.
  19. He measurables/speed will be very, very good. His film will be pretty awful. Where that puts him I don't know.

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