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Reagor going Pro.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Dec 2, 2019 at 1:04 PM.

  1. No surprise here. No mention of SC in message
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  2. Hopefully it works out for him. Great athlete. Played like a total stud in that Oklahoma State game.
  3. Elite player. It is a shame we wasted his third year.

    43/611/5 is such a poor use of such a great player. One of the more indicting things about SC, to be honest.

    Good luck Jalen, you will do well at the next level.
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  4. Sorry we never used you the way we should JR. We absolutely wasted your talents. Good luck to you man, god bless you
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  5. Good luck Reagor! Go sub 4.3
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  6. Good luck to him. Think he would have been better off if he stayed. But now, we can focus on improving the existing WR corps without distraction. Taye Barber appears to have moved up to the #1 receiver by default and a lot of uncertainty after that. Based on this, our TEs must become a larger part of our passing game in 2020. I also wonder whether any of our 2020 receiver recruits can give immediate help or if we will look into the JUCO ranks. One benefit for recruiting is that we now have a QB we can advertise to recruits about who they can play with for the next 3 years.
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  7. Sickening that we wasted him
  8. Didn’t know he was capable of a sub 4.3. Jeez that’s insane. If he worked a bit t on running slid routes he should do very well. We’ll routes and better hands. But with those combine numbers he should go pretty darn high. I’d still be surprised if he went first round.
  9. To put that in to perspective, those numbers are basically what Deante Gray had in 2014, when he was what, our 3rd best receiver?
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    I'm happy about this (nothing against Reagor at all), i may be the in the minority, but ive never been a fan and i wish him the best and most success in the NFL.

    Wasn't a fan of how he ran routes, never just went up and made a play (we were spoiled with Doctson just going up to get the ball). His blazing speed didn't fit with our QB play the last 2 years. It's a good time IMO for us to build our WR crew from the ground up.

    I hope Hunt can become the WR that i think he can with his speed and height. He's very Doctson like if he can just not drop the ball.
  11. Surprised his dad didn't tweet that for him.
  12. I wouldn't say I'm "happy" about it, but I do think it might be best for all parties. He just didn't seem to enjoy being part of the team and I'm not sure some of that didn't spread some negativity around the locker room. Good luck to him, I hope it works out. He definitely has the ability to make it in the NFL.
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  13. Takes 2 to tango.
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  14. I cannot say I’m overly saddened by this expected departure. I wish him the best in the nfl. However, he was easily the most frustrating player for me to watch on this team due to obvious potential and lack of effort.
  15. It was Gary’s fault.
  16. Hope he gets first two rounds. Because would hate to see him not make it past pre season. And he will want the payday.
  17. My guess is first contact he had early was Meach.

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