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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. gardner didn't transfer to wazzu until the summer so patience
  2. Depends on if said QB needs the spring semester to graduate from his school. Hurts aready graduated I believe.
  3. Didn’t realize that. I kinda figured you need more time to learn the bubble screen.
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  4. When that happens there's panic and confusion fills the coach's box. You take longer to read your charts, pull one down from god knows where, run a triple reverse pass* on a post route. Anything to buy you some time to gather your thoughts. The boys line up and look-look and look to the side line for a play. All of this in less than 40 sec. Good post Wex and sounds familiar.

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  5. no shock he is leaving, the destination is interesting though day did a good job with haskins.
  6. iQUOTE="Eight, post: 2679218, member: 73370"]burns has multiple years as oc at cincinnati, smu, and his time as co-oc with Anderson.[/QUOTE]

    FrogLifeYo does have a point … though there is experience there … but all that experience has translated from OC status at 3 schools down to position coaching and Anderson has failed not only at Co-OC here but also at a position coaching assignment too.

    So what experience do we have at OC vs what OC experience we want. Cumbie could use help, internally … no.
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  7. Tyree Jackson declares for the NFL draft
  8. Tech had Amaro who was a beast across the middle so Cumbie has it.....will he utilize it is the question.
  9. I want HCGP to be involved enough in the offensive strategy and play calling that he doesn’t refer to the offense as THEY in the post game pressers.
  10. I'm hoping come Tuesday evening Jalen Hurts is on TCU's campus.
  11. What???
  12. he already runs the defense and involved in special teams decisions so you think he doesn't have enough to focus on during the game?

    there is no head coach who is truly involved in all decisions of their team.
  13. Jace Amaro he’s in the NFL now played at Tech.
  14. And he plays at TCU now?
  15. Jackson seemed like a long shot. So this coming fall we’ll have 3 QBs on scholarship and only one (Duggan) with redshirt ability. I don’t see the point of having a Grad transfer unless he’s a really good starter candidate or you really hope to RS Duggan
  16. I may be wrong, but I believe JR could get a medical redshirt IF he doesn't play next year.
  17. Well, we did have to play 4 QB’s this year, even if was only 3 plays.
  18. Since his injury didn’t take place in CFB and he essentially RS this past year I don’t think he’s eligible for a medical but who knows
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