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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

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  2. Martell has to sit out a year...By the time he’s eligible Duggan and JR will be the first two QBs from the same team to be heisman candidates
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  3. Fields should too but sounds like he’s appealing to play immediately. Not sure if that’ll work out or not.
  4. Gary passed on Baker because of his ego.

    Tate is much worse, there’s no shot.
  5. Is Martell maybe somehow the offspring of ...

  6. Someone needs a biology lesson.
  7. If not Jalen then who?....Seems like most the Grad QBs in the portal are off the board..If no Jalen are we safe to say we are standing pat with our current 3?
  8. I would imagine so because I think the JUCO window closed already. So unless this guy shows up or someone like him, we will be lean at QB next year.

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  9. Like a bizarre cross between Cory Haim and the Macho Man.
  10. Daaaaaaamn. Nailed it.
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  11. RIP Superdave
  12. Interesting that Austin Kendall is a grad transfer with 2 years of eligibility..Rather then the normal 1..
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  13. If that's true, we need to make a realistic push for him. He's a reasonable stop-gap, Hurts, don't think he is seriously considering us. Could Kendall beat out Collins?
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  14. Kendall doesn't graduate until May. If he transfers now he has to sit a year, if he waits he misses spring practice.
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  15. I can wait if he can.
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  16. I hope you two find a lasting love and realize that you were meant to be together.
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  17. I would certainly hope that your words are prophetic, because "we're not satisfied until you're not satisfied!"
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  18. Are we sure he didn’t just dress up like Baker Mayfield for Halloween?

    Has a real high punchbility spectrum score...
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