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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Early in the game it was.
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  2. I can see that.
  3. We will have to agree to disagree.
  4. I don’t think the sky is falling. This is s pretty good SMU team and since we play them every year they beat us 1x or 2x a decade. We missed a couple of TD throws, fumbled a lot, got tricked then failed on our trick play. I feel like the plays were there to be made but our guys did not make enough of them.

    All is not lost and Go Frogs!!!!
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  5. That's what we did in '14, '15 and '17 when we were successful. The offense ran plays at break neck speed and had tempo. The other teams defense did not have time to figure out what we were doing. We were snapping the ball before they could really get set. That's really the only time Max had success during the game today(yesterday).
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    No - we had success throwing the ball on offense when SMU started going to a softer defense as the game got into 4th quarter.

    The defensive game plan against TCU has been obvious for a few years now - stack the box, press the WRs, take away short easy completions and force us to either run or beat you on deeper routes. It’s basically been a fool proof plan against us.

    When SMU went into a prevent type defense we saw our passing game suddenly improve. Next week Kansas will be right up against our WRs challenging them to do something and make our QB make a deep pass which he’s incapable of doing currently
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  7. Sonny has a little amnesia, he forgot Dykes was on our staff.
  8. Could have used that against Dykes by adding another play out of the formation.
    What ever happened to the short yardage play where a wr came in motion then reversed field on the snap and comes back across the formation and he gets the ball on a short pass? The play TCU used on the two-point conversion to beat Utah I believe. The one Utah claimed was a pick play
  9. Deleting my posts now. Screw this site
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  10. I can't imagine SMU was playing prevent the entire 4th quarter with only a one or two score lead. If they were, then put that right up there with the Wild Frog 4th & 1 pass for epically bad coaching decisions. Plus the execution of it was pretty terrible because we still had receivers getting behind them; the QB just wasn't ever able to get them the ball.
  11. They weren’t. They were playing softer primarily because we were going faster and they didn’t have as much time to get help from their sideline
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  12. Game Synopsis: TCU

    Offense was 'offensive'

    Defense was 'indefensible'
  13. This is more likely imo. I was there but wasn't paying particularly close attention to the coverages so I can't say for certain what they were doing in the 4th compared to the rest of the game. I did see them in a lot of 2-deep looks in the first half which is typically designed to make sure nothing gets over the top but certainly wouldn't be classified as anything in the prevent category.
  14. They were in some variation of two deep most of the game. Rolled coverage to JR who did not handle that attention well. He’s either going to have to go harder than he is when being doubled or cost himself a lot of $ IMO.
  15. He definitely takes plays off when the ball is not going to him, but that's not terribly uncommon for someone who playsas much as he does.

    I'm sure he's incredibly frustrated. He's dusted corners about 8 times this year but the QB's have not been able to put the football anywhere in a catchable vicinity for him on hardly any of those occasions. He could easily have 6 TDs right now but only has 1. I'm not saying that makes it ok to slack off but I personally haven't seen him do anything terribly egregious. That doesn't mean he hasn't, just that I haven't seen it.
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  16. There were at least three occasions when he lollygagged his routes and Duggan had to scramble to his side but he was barely in motion. On one of those Duggan was able to pick up the first down with his feet. That said...there’s another receiver out there who appears to be wanting to do anything other than run routes and play football
  17. It’s called a power play.
  18. I’m curious who you’re talking about with that last sentence

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