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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. His “performances” in press conferences also gives an indication of why he is still at TCU and not at some blue blood school somewhere. Great, great football coach but he would have some issues being the face of a super high profile program somewhere.
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  2. If I’m a football coach and the other team knows my signs my post game comment is gonna go something like “I wasn’t prepared for this game and that’s why we lost. The kids fought for 60 minutes and I let them down”.
  3. Unless you know what I've been told, you don't know how right you are.
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  4. No [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. Then CHANGE YOUR scheissING SIGNALS!
  5. I 100% respect the first two comments.
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  6. Did anyone ask why they ran Delton out there for the third down prior to the wildfrog, but kept Duggan in as a wideout?
  7. And we think we can go and get a high caliber assistant coach?
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  8. Just put Cumbie's effects in a box and put them outside the building. Lock his incompetent ass out.
  9. This comment alone should be enough to ket GP know it's time to move on. You run 2 plays from the WildFrog. 2 scheissing plays! No wonder the other team always knows what's coming!
  10. gp was as bad as cumbie in this game
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  11. is it possible that GP is not letting Cumbie run the playbook the way he wants? maybe that's why we saw things turned up on the back end of the game when we saw some tempo? (or was that just hurry up due to time?)
    just wondering how this is happening.
  12. 100% think Cumbie would like to run more of a Leach style offense
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  13. No idea but in an interview this week GP spoke about the importance of keeping the other offense off the field and you do that by controlling the clock with your offense. He said that "his" D is most effective when they are sitting and watching the game from the sideline.
  14. yeah, I heard that interview too.
  15. GP hot his pants pulled down and had his ass SPANKED by Sonny Dykes today. Period.
  16. 11 on 11 wasn’t working so we thought we’d trick them with 10 on 11.
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  17. Well, he got that right. Cause they sure ain't effective on the field.
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    The buck stops with GP - he could have overruled the Sewo pass play which at first glance was insanity and the 2nd. glance also. The players did not have their head in the game nor did GP or Sonny. No way that play is run in this game under the existing circumstances. Still, 38 points will beat SMU but our defense, oh so bad, and GP says SMU knew his signals - again.

    Gaines and Gladney - no comment.

    Wallow trying to carry the entire defense - he will break all records at TCU.

    6 wins is going to be difficult.
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  19. Hey man. We run 2 plays outta that formation, so how could they POSSIBLY know what's coming?

    They must have stolen our signs!!!
  20. There is no way. Cumbie would have left a long time ago, if had more than this and wasn’t allowed to run it. I just don’t believe for minute that we have our 2 best seasons in the Big 12 in 14,15 then all the sudden GP decides that wasn’t so great.

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