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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. I cannot even comprehend how scheissing stupid that Wild Frog play was

    - They’ve run it for three years
    - There are only two plays
    - Dykes was literally an offensive analyst on our staff during those three years

    as soon as we lined up Dykes knew we were doing one of two things and Cumbie either knew that and did it anyway (scheissing stupid) or didn’t realize it (scheissing stupid)
  2. well, then it comes back to others being on staff that helped. Meach back then, and then Dykes as an "analyst" when Kenny got us to the Big 12 champ game.
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  3. It was pretty special.
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  4. 100%...3rd and 4th down were [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] calls but the 3rd down might have been worse
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  5. Yeah we had Boykin and Doctson but the evidence is showing that maybe Meach was as responsible as anyway for the success in 14 and 15.
  6. I think 50% of the success of the offense in 2014 was a great OL and 45% was Doctson catching everything thrown within 10 feet of him.
  7. I think the other 80% was Boykin
  8. I have not really seen anybody climb the ladder for a catch here since JD. His reach up there was incredible.
  9. He high-pointed the ball better than anyone I’ve ever seen in purple. The ‘14 catch behind 2 ‘pokes along the east sideline was ridiculous.
  10. I still see that on tv highlights from time to time.
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  11. Probably his most underrated catch was against Texas in 2015. Fade and was able to high point the ball and twist his body to get 2 feet in bounds. Still crazy that he hasn’t been able to do anything in the NFL
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  12. I know...baffling.
  13. The fact that SMU has the better qb and we supposedly have all this talent at Qb is telling. Our qbs suck, and they have since Boykin. Who is recruiting these kids?
  14. Let's not discount a senior vs a freshman. That experience is huge.
  15. Exactly. They beat us, on both sides of the ball, and played with far more energy. Making excuses and throwing the OC under the bus to the media is bush league [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]. Be a man and own it.
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  16. Has everyone forgotten that Gary hired Meach and Cumbie because we couldn’t score enough with a ball control slow offense. Then he fired Meach because Meach wouldn’t change his offense and slow it down. Now Cumbie has hung around to try and go back to a slow clock eating offense and it’s not working. This is what you get. Look at The Ohio game we were rolling at break neck speed and had Ohio beat before that melt down. Today in the fourth we starting going tempo and Max was completing passes.
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  17. The same coach who is runs the offense and is responsible for developing them. It’s baffling that we cannot grow our QBs up.
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  18. There is no way we could’ve run at break neck speed like we were doing against OSU for anywhere close to a full game. If our offense needs to go fast to be successful, our offense sucks.
  19. The thing about the OSU game was the Cumbie had no idea what to do after they got past the scripted plays to start each half
  20. Our tempo was not all that fast for OSU. We had some bad turnovers that tossed that game over. Kinda like today.

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