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Post-game Interview

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Song is only good from 40 yards. What in the world is going on here fellas?

    Asked about Max playing the entire game...did that signal he had earned the starting job. Gary replied "that was Sonny. That's what he wanted. That's why he's in there answering questions to the media."

    He backed up the bus and said something else about SC but I don't recall. He not happy.
  2. This thread got deleted earlier. Not sure why.
  3. GP should teach his defense to play better

    And fire Cumbie and staff
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  4. Huh? Groundhog Day all over again?
  5. Giving it another shot.
  6. Delete it and we will start another
  7. GP is the head coach of this team. I’m tired of his [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] answers like this. The man is a coaching legend, and the buck stops with him. He needs to get a coaching staff in place that can develop players.
  8. Good we all agree. He is over his head in that role.
  9. Post game interviews are pretty much GP at his worst IMO.
  10. The “they had our signals” nonsense is just cringeworthy.
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  11. Um....if Cumbie did answer questions for the media, I'd really like to know what was asked and what the responses were. Or....was CGP just being CGP when (if) he said that.
  12. Think the first time I remember hearing about this was 2008. 11 years to change them and hasn’t. Who fault is that Gary?
  13. Explain your play calling strategy

    Cumbie: what's play calling
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    It’s the absolute worst. Dad beat me over the head as I was growing up with “don’t make excuses”...... that’s an excuse and not a good one . Especially from someone as successful as GP is. I mean if we’re being honest he should be embarrassed to admit that. It’s less of an excuse and more of an indictment of his coaching.
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  15. I told y'all on another thread. And it is happening. But at least we don't have to go to work next week.
  16. Well, we'll see how bad it was if next week it becomes the new sports media joke and replaces a/c in Austin.
  17. Question:
    Did Fuente answer questions after the Rose Bowl?
    Brilliantly called football game.

    But today, we lose to a lesser team with questionable head coaching decisions, yet our OC is thrown to the media?

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  18. Very unprofessional of Gary. YOU DONT EVER THROW FOLKS UNDER THE BUS WHEN YOUR DEFENSE WAS HORRIBLE. I bet, given time to rethink, Sonny gets an apology. May still fire Sonny but let’s be professional!


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