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Possible Incoming Basketball Transfers

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Dennis seems like a guy who can get hot. Just looking at his stats, he'll go three or four games scoring almost 10, then he will go off for 25+ the next night.

    If he's mentally tough and willing to work, I welcome him. His consistency will likely improve with (hopefully) better talent around him.
  2. I remember Jim Killingsworths team winning the SWC championship and he had a team full of guys who could barely walk and chew gum at the same time. They were overachievers and had a burning desire to win.

    I wouldn’t write this guy off until he’s had a chance.
    I’ll take an overachiever any day
  3. Yvan Ouedraogo commits to Nebraska
  4. The Mayor is assembling a pretty good squad up in the land of the Corn
  5. love you wes, but the two leading scorers on that team were carven holcombe who was a highly recruited all-american from jack yates and carl lott who was a highly recruited juco all-american.
  6. interesting bio for for dennis from the uta website

    dennis started at hill college as a freshman, transferred to jackson state as a sophomore where he averaged 14 pts and 4 rpg.

    sat out his next senior transferring to uta.

    his junior year at uta he averaged 14.3 ppg and 4.3 rpg. and 76% from ft's

    the concerning part is that he shot 35% from the floor, 30% from 3-pt, had 68 assits to 78 turn overs.
  7. 5 schools in 5 years counting his Sr year in HS...odd. I'm sure the admissions office had fun with his transcripts...probably needs about 80 hours to graduate from TCU...
  8. He's a graduate transfer.
    Why would he need 80 hours to graduate from TCU?
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  9. It appears, that Kevin Samuel has returned to TCU. He sent out a tweet with a TCU picture that says far from finished
  10. Of course!
  11. Interesting tidbit in PressBox today in an article about Steven "Headake" Smith, who did fed time for point-shaving while a point guard at ASU. Now "reformed," he is "advising young future stars," at his N.O.W. camp in South Dallas, such as Kaden Archie. If Archie has guys like that in his ear, it's no wonder he made the sketchy decision he did this year.
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  12. Huge if Kevin is staying! Take any big man we can get!
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  13. In his post it says #268, wonder if that is his overall ranking.
  14. 268 is his hometown
  15. Another 2019 still has TCU in his inal group:


    Every player ranked among the City/Suburban Hoops Report’s top 20 prospects in the Class of 2019 is off the board, with the exception of the two Orr senior standouts –– Tujautae Williams and Sherif Kenney.

    Williams, a 6-5 guard with length and who is athletically electric, is among the top 10 prospects in the senior class in Illinois and the best uncommitted player remaining.

    “I plan on making a decision in the next couple of weeks,” says Williams, who helped lead the Spartans to a state championship in March.

    Williams said he enjoyed his visit to Cincinnati last week and plans to visit TCU as soon as the current recruiting dead period is over. Williams says he is down to Cincinnati, TCU, Minnesota and Northwestern State, who he says was the first school on him well before he broke out as high-major prospect.

    “They were there right from the start and have been there all the way through,” Williams says of the small Division I school in Louisiana that plays in the Southland Conference.

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  16. good looking prospect, curious why the late attention as orr has been a power the past few years out of chicago.

    wish we knew the future of bane and the frogs.
  17. Don’t know much about this NBA combine type event that Bane is attending but apparently he’s doing well.....

  18. It looks like Desmond is really helping his cause at this combine. We need him to come back but it’s not a guarantee right now.

    This Williams kid would be a very solid replacement though.
  19. End of the day I would love to have him back but if he’s got an NBA future ahead of him that only helps the program moving forward. 2 in 2 years would be great.
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  20. the top 65-70 kids go to the scouting combine and the portsmith camp.
    key thing to remember is the nba draft is only 2 rounds long and if you aren't a #1 the odds are not good you are going to make a roster.

    the pro bball combine is held at mamba sports academy that is tied to kobe bryant. i have no idea if kobe is one of the people behind this combine or not, but it is not sponsored by the nba and the list of sponsors is a bit interesting

    if you read through their website, the pro bball combine has been around for 3 years now and in the past two years most of the attendees have ended up in either the g-league or overseas.

    when you look at the list of attendees for this year and the nba draft combine there is a big difference in the level of talent.

    it seems as if bane really isn't wanting to come back to school be that for money reasons, tired of school, or whatever, but this is not the place a first round pick comes out of and i am not sure they have had a draft pick come out of their first two classes

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