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Possible Incoming Basketball Transfers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Former Cal Guard Darius McNeill will visit TCU on April 19-21. He also has meetings set up with SMU, Baylor and Pitt. McNeill was a 6'3 Sophomore last year that averaged 11 points per game. Would have to sit one, but eligible to play 2.

    The staff is also looking at several grad transfers.
  2. Team really needs a couple of grad transfers. Lack of depth meens we need bodies who effectively contribute right away. The incoming class is salty but they will be very green
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  3. A guy we should go after is Caleb Daniels of Tulane. Really solid combo guard who is extremely athletic. Averaged 16 PPG last season. Have seen him play in person 20-30 times and I can honestly say I've never seen a player leap and elevate so effortlessly. Really solid player who always plays hard and keeps his head down and works. Great kid also, was valedictorian of his HS class.

  4. 6-8/225 PF Per game: PTS 12.9, REB 6.2 AST 1.7 FG% 45.2
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  5. we need another big that is physical enough to play now - not after a year to help take some of the pressure off Samuel and Barlow when we play teams with a big so they don't have play to timid.

    And someone is going to have to be the other guard besides JD - not sure if that is one of the incoming class or a transfer.

    I think any shooter that can handle pressure would be a definite yes also - they don't have to be as good as either of those guys can be when hot but someone not bothered as much by someone guarding them close. My personal observation was both Bane and Noi tended to disappear when the other teams focused on getting in their face and they were both money when they could get space. If either could have broken through a little when pressured it would have relieved that or if we could find someone else to get hot and shift the focus of the D - I think they would have disappeared less.

    One question is do we have any of the current guys that are leaving because of academics - which is a different issue than wanting to stay.
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  6. We need some more large, older, physical guys in the paint to compliment Bane and Noi popping threes and Davis driving to the hole.

    No more easy points on us in the paint. Ridiculous this past year. That factor missing in 2019 showed everyone how exceptional Kenny Hustle was and is.
  7. Would love to get another grad transfer like Hamdy to provide some size and depth in the middle
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  8. Next year needs to be the year JD actually runs 2 man game with Bane and Samuel...Samuel was criminally under used down the stretch..
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  9. Thanks for creating this thread!

    Edit: should the frogs require a certain minimum FT% rate for these transfers? :)
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  10. That should be the try out- 100 free throws then we can talk about grades and if you actually go to class
  11. Samuel got more aggresnif as the year moved along. He was the most physical against UT that the last game. That left handed dunk on ole boy was flat nasty.

    I’d imagine he’s a completely different player next year. He’s going to cause some teams some real problems. Hope he goes to some big man camps and works on his low post game/foot work. He picked up a bunch of fouls this year turning and putting a shoulder into the defender without really making any moves.
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  12. Could be a good one. Already a bad FT shooter.

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  13. Intriguing prospect.


  14. I hope we can land this kid.

  15. This kid and big Daum were great this year. He’s a sit one play two I believe.
  16. He’ll fit right in!
  17. There have been some hints and suggestions that Noi is not returning. Sure hope not, do we have actual confirmation? I think his game can improve especially his consistency. Would like to see him stronger and more fit.
  18. Not really a transfer as he was released from his NLI by St Louis. Hargrave Academy Forward/Wing Mickey Pearson visiting this weekend (has an offer and a probable signee) 6-8/200. Originally from Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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  19. Search is on...6-6/235 PF originally from Indianapolis North avg 14.2 PPG and 6.7 RPG as a Fr at Chattanooga

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