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Possible Incoming Basketball Transfers

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Anyone hear that there might be another player leaving? Have heard it multiple times but no name has been associated with leaving. Bane or Lat are really the only guys that make sense but you never know. I’m hoping both are back next year because they have familiarity with the system.
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  2. I like his size. Already built for Big 12 post play.
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  3. First: you mean you see/hear stuff like that on this board or from someone In the know? Bane, Kevin, Noi are the only 3 in limbo atm. Noi is gone, I think Samuel is coming back. Bane is 50/50. Other than those 3 , if Lat left , it wouldnt bug me. I have not heard/seen anything pointing to anyone else leaving. What are you referring to? There is playing time for the taking.

  4. One person I heard this from is way more connected than I am and even hr hasn’t heard a name. I’m hoping it’s just chatter, especially coming off a disappointing season, but I am a little curious. Bane not coming back is the scenario that makes the most sense but with Noi gone I could see Lat might not be quite as comfortable but it could be be anyone IMO.
  5. Hmm. I believe you. Just don’t see who at the moment. Lat leaving would not surprise me. Nor would it bother me. He’s shown virtually nothing of note. Can shoot but can barely move . We clearly are having no trouble recruiting at the moment, even with all the drama. I contend that there had to be a very specific reason for all of the player movement this year, and if it was because we had a bad/jerk of a coach then color me shocked because we are having no trouble signing kids up.

    I wonder if it, and this is a long shot, had/has anything to do with the Barker situation? Is it possible that some of these kids were brought in on sketchy propositions and got kicked off? IDK, and that is TOTAL speculation on my end so nobody run with that it is all my mind. Angus and Yuat were just not this level, and Maybe Archie wasn’t either, considering where they ended up. Fisher was injuries. I just wish I knew. We’re they Forced out or did they genuinely walk?
  6. The things I’ve read about Archie was that he had people in his ear telling him he should be playing more and he wasn’t getting a fair shot. Angus just wasn’t ready for D-1 ball and Alok didn’t want to be here.
  7. If Archie had just waited another week or two, he would have gotten more playing time than he could have wanted.
  8. I wouldn't be stunned if Barlow went looking for the same reasons Archie did, though Barlow doesn't seem nearly as into himself as Kaden. I just don't see a ton of PT for him in his career behind Samuel.
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  9. I think there was a huge rift in the locker room between players. Basically an East Coast-West Coast rap grudge type thing. Fisher was essentially Tupac. Miller was Diddy. There was no coming back from the bad blood. People had to go. I’m assuming it all started when Angus slept with Miller’s girlfriend and recorded it. Whole thing blew up when ARob found the video on Archie’s phone on the Hawaii trip. Did you know they had to take two separate planes back from Hawaii? Dixon did all he could to hold it together but there was no going back especially after the tattoo situation arose. Some of them got out just in time. Others weren’t so lucky.

    It’s a sad story of youth and arrogance gone wrong.
  10. Geez O Pete, sounds like a soap opera.
  11. Lol pretty sure some people may believe this...sounds real enough
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    Your sources are off a little. It actually all started at the awards banquet when Fisher stood up and yelled “y’all ain’t got no love for the west coast?” To which Noi, Lat, and Yat all took exception to. I mean, they aren’t even from here. Why would they have love for the west coast?!? They clearly got offended, took their ball and left.

    Kaden, the follower that his is, popped up and yelled “I’m down for the west coast!” He loves the west coast and ended up getting duped by the whole thing. When a UTEP coach found out Kadens passion for the west coast, he convinced him El Paso is in fact on the west coast. So off he went.

    Angus, well he went back to work for the family cattle business. They raise, well, angus cattle. It’s in the name.

    Weird season. But that’s all behind us now. We’re moving forward. Go Frogs!
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  13. Would love a 30 for 30 episode on this season. It’s truly one of the most bizarre basketball seasons I can ever recall.
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  14. So since all these transfers have to sit..I assume it’s safe to say we plan on going with a 9 player rotation next year?..With three of them true freshman?
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  15. by my count 10 players on the roster who project to play next year.

    1 senior - bane

    5 sophomores - lat, samuel, rj, kendric, and barlow (he might still be a frosh)

    4 freshmen - fuller farabello, pearson, smith

    3 transfers who have to sit in easley, kennedy, and easley

    projects to be a very young roster, i think teton frog is right in that the frogs will play a great deal of 4 guards.

    it will be very interesting to see how this unfolds
  16. Haha what?!? Are you joking or is this a real rumor?
  17. With transfers, possible hardship waivers, potential grad transfers, and who comes back after declaring for the draft, I believe that the roster will be a fluid situation throughout the summer. We may not know what the final version will look like until as late as August. However, I know that we will have a competitive, although young, team that will work hard and win a lot of games.
  18. I wouldn’t take 98 percent of what I post seriously.
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  19. Surely we are looking at a grad transfer who can play the PF/C role? If not we are going to be very small and inexperienced next year. Barlow and Samuel should be solid at the C, I guess Lat Mayen can play the 4 and Mickey Pearson will play it too?
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  20. I’m actually intrigued by that group if 10. If we can somehow get a grad transfer center, we will be just fine

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