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Possible Incoming Basketball Transfers

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. curious who that would mean isn't coming back next year
  2. Rutgers HC Steve Pikiell was the HC at Stony Brook and recruited him to that program.
  3. Okay, fess up, you're really Mac Engel, right?
  4. Coach Dixon was in to see 2019 HS Guard Kendall Lewis.
  5. That is an insult of the highest order, sir. I shall not be besmirched.
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  6. Was in where?
  7. Kendall Lewis is from GA...I assume that’s where JD was
  8. Gosh I hate Georgia. Worst BBQ ever. Especially Atlanta
  9. Former UNLV Guard/Forward Joel Ntambwe will be in Fort Worth this weekend for a visit. The 6'8 Freshman averaged 11.9 points per game. He also declared for the NBA Draft, so he is weighing a transfer, versus staying in the draft.

  10. Go to 1:20 in the clip
  11. Funny. I used a gif from this scene in another thread 8 hours ago.
  12. Have you not been to Fox Brothers? Great Texas BBQ with TCU memorabilia. They always put the TCU football helmet on my table when I show up. Owned by Fort Worth boys.
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  13. boys, those two stopped being boys when they crossed the 300 lb threshold a few years back.
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  14. When you are my age, they are boys.
  15. maybe, but boys to me aren't big enough to have their own gravitational fields
  16. I’m not sure we have room for all these kids. Ntambwe looks like a very solid player but I’m skeptical that we’re going after another kid who will have to sit out.
  17. Very peculiar...Seems to indicate that the attrition isn’t over
  18. elephant in the room is if the frogs add other players to this roster who does that mean isn't coming back next year.

    even if ntambwe or one of the other transfers can play this year the roster is 13 projecting samuel and bane return and i am not sure i want to think about the frogs next year without either of them.
  19. No I have not. I get dragged off to "great BBQ" places by locals or hotel recommendations and they all have been awful. Lots of fat and gristle. I want flavorful meat, with or without great sauce. Will remember this place, what part of town? Thanks,
  20. Older working/middle-class neighborhood, not bad if you have a car to get in/get out. 2 miles or so east of downtown ATL (Close to Jimmy Carter Pres. Library and just over a mile from the MLKing Memorial sites if you're interested.)


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