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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Absolute stellar performance and character.
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  2. Co-sign. Just outstanding
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  3. Steel was re-watching the Civil War movie called Glory and one of the main character's last name is "Sharts".

    Steel kids you not...
  4. Deadwood is basically Shakespeare in its dialogue, for much of it; and then there's the hilarious times that Al or one of the other educated men is going on using big words and the dumb characters do not know what in hell was just said...
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  5. I thought it was really good until the last 15 minutes and then it just really pissed me off. It dropped from about an 8/10 to a 1/10. I wanted to be like Greta Thunberg and say “How dare you!?!” I devoted like two and a half hours to this movie and that’s gonna be how you end it!??!
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  6. Oddly, I found the ending sequences the best part of the film. The beginning, much of the middle, the entire sequence with Matt Damon, was a tedious waste. The scene in the hospital room with his aged daughter was simply magical.

    The Villenueve DUNE looks luscious. Given that he is a visual composer like Hollywood hasn't see in a long time, Herbert's book is a fine canvas upon which to work his magic. But, imagine what he could do with, say, Larry Niven's RINGWORLD?
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  7. Always good one-liners in Bond flicks—Moonraker:

    Balls Q?
    Bolo’s, double oh seven.
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  8. “71” on Prime it s very well done, especially if you like your movies a little out of mainstream as I do. Lots of layers to the simple plot of a British soldier lost in Belfast around a army operation into an IRA stronghold.
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  9. Well I ground through the rest of HBO’s Raised by Wolves last night.

    If you haven’t started this, do yourself a favor and don’t. This show is worthless. Initially, I thought it had promise but it just continued to decline and fail my expectations.

    Not a single plot and I do mean NOT ONE SINGLE plot line was solved. The show just kept heaping new plots upon new plots upon new plots as if they thought if we give you more plots, you’ll forget about the plot we raised back in episode 2 and have yet to address again.

    I guess it’s some high concept sci fi or something but it’s just rabbit hole after rabbit hole after rabbit hole. Lame. It’s almost as if they were just making up things as they went along.

    The acting of the two androids is first rate, however.
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  10. acting or programming?
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  11. Thanks for the warning. Was considering.
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  12. The Third Day is pretty good.
  13. I just added YouTube TV With HBO Max.

    Dropped all the premiums on Direct and running parallel until I figure out if I'm missing something worth the money.

    Ton of free streaming services out there for old westerns classics.

    Only thing I can't figure out is the picture size on You Tube sports. Set on zoom and it is annoying.

    I liked Greyhound on Apple.

    Isn't the Twelve Mighty Orphans due out at Christmas?
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  15. And because of this Regal is shutting down in the US and UK
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  16. It's time to end the current theater model. I've been calling for it for years. Theaters should only be 1-2 super high quality screens/sound, and only show 10-12 movies a year. Everything else should be straight to Prime/other platforms for rent.
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  17. agree though there is a fight right now for content among the streaming services.
  18. And they didn’t listen to you?!?

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  19. Birthing the flying snake thingy threw me all the way off.
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  20. Truly. I was like “you have to be kidding me.”
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