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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Chiwetel Ejiofor is a good actor, but no Scar will get close to the weirdly creepy/gay gravelly evilness of Jeremy Iron's Scar from the 1994 Lion King
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  2. Mary Sue can break any law, including the laws of physics.
  3. The last Jedi did suck but the hope is with JJ Abrams back as director this next film will return to at least as good as the force awakens.
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  4. Absolutely. In fact the point in the film that this was most apparent was the pivotal scene where Scar has Mufasa pinned at the top of the cliff and deliver's the line "Long, live, the King." Irons' delivery of that line was perfect, low, gravelly, and drawn out for emphasis. Ejiofor just sort of says it almost in passing, not really emphasizing any syllables, which makes for an almost monotone delivery that falls as flat as Mufasa.
  5. I may avoid this then. I didn’t want Disney messing with Lion King with this new live action junk. It would be one thing if they used the original voices but new voices and a wonder as to how they’ll show emotion on the character’s faces makes me think I will dislike this and should stay away so that it does not color and poison my good memories of the original.
  6. Cracks me up how seriously y’all take The Lion King
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  7. Hakuna Matata man.
  8. Been meaning to catch this one sometime

  9. Just went and saw it and agree that it is pretty much scene by scene from the original. They did a good job with this one.
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  10. Recorded this last night and caught up to it this afternoon. Pretty dang good. Think basically an Irish Rambo out for revenge in the late 1840’s. The scenery makes you almost feel the potato famine.

    Black 47. Airing on Showtime.

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  11. Guess I’ll give it a shot then. Gracias.
  12. Got the pirate copy on beta if you want it...
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  13. What?
    No laser disc?!
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  14. JJ Abrams couldn't direct traffic. He was responsible for the "storyline" (such as it is) for the Disneyfied Soy Wars, and will make a hash of whatever remains of the franchise after Rian Whoever annihilated it with the last cinematic abortion.
    Mary Sue saves the Galaxy.

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  15. Was going to see it back in the day but ended up seeing Checkmate instead.
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  16. Getting enough fiber these days?
  17. Will watch

    What’s it on?
  18. Saw it on Showtime. I believe it’s rotating through all the various Showtime channels.
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  19. Showtime 2 at 3:30 today.
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