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OT - Movies thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Jared Leto was great too. I wasn’t expecting him to play that role so well.
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  2. Considering that he managed to work in his emaciated self as a story element in 'True Detective' it is even more impressive...
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  3. Not a movie but anyone catch or catching The Boys on Amazon? That’s not bad at all. I was surprised at how quickly I began watching episodes back to back.

    Really takes the superhero trope for a spin and makes you think. Can be cheesy in parts but mostly I am thoroughly enjoying it.
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  4. I'm watching the British Baking Show....
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  5. Some of the flavors they come up with and combine I’ll never understand.
  6. One of them last night was bubblegum and peppermint.... awful
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  7. Have they done orange juice and toothpaste?
  8. Diabolical.
  9. I have not seen the TV show, but the Graphic Novels are awesome. Garth Ennis is a twisted, twisted man. They are wonderful.

    It is a shame they strayed so far away from the source material in the TV Preacher show. The graphc novels are so funny and outrageous.
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  10. I haven’t read them but the show has made me want to read them. ‘Course I imagine it’s made others want to as well so the price has probably gone up to purchase them.

    Preacher went downhill fast for me. So much potential but ruined by a laborious plot and staying away from source material as you mentioned.
  11. Just saw a Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and loved it. Tarantino doing his thing. If you are old enough to remember 50s and 60s tv westerns, remember Steve McQueen, Sharon Tate, Manson or lived in LA in the 60s you might like it. Funny and weird as Tarantino usually is, with a little blood. Never been a big Brad Pitt guy, but thought he was great as a washed up stuntman.

    Stay thru the credits, DiCaprio does a good 60s tv cigarette commercial...
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  12. Watched Cold Pursuit last weekend. Liked it.

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  13. I watched Johnny Be Good on the plane yesterday.

    The title should be changed to, THE ART BRILES STORY, starring Paul Gleason

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  14. There was a Scandinavian film.

    Same plot.
  15. I heard ADJD was about to add that to ACS food carts.
  16. So I brought her home 1 day late.
    So what?
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  17. [​IMG]

    Keep waiting for Season 4 of Better Call Saul to show up on Netflix. Hopefully they'll add it around the same time.
  18. Think I’m going to restart that. I missed so much that I can’t remember everything that was going on
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  19. If you’re talking about Saul, yeah I need to restart that as well. Saw the first two seasons on point but then just kept forgetting it was on and so the last two were spotty. Heck, I think I missed every episode from the most recent season.
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