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OT - Movies thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Completely agree, I can’t stand to go to a theater.

    Do you know what kind of people go to the movies?

    Other people.
  2. Saw Darkest Hour and The Post recently. Both good if you like history. If not, skip Darkest Hour.
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  3. Agree on Wonder Woman. I've tried three times and have yet to finish. She's much more compelling in Justice Leaue.
  4. Downfall sucks you in. That's a great movie. Plus that one scene has earned all time meme YouTube status ha.
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  5. I tried to watch WW on a flight recently but could t get through it. Same with Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Switched over to A Fish Called Wanda and had a damn enjoyable flight.
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  6. Report on your thoughts of Gold when you watch it please. I've heard middling things but I've been wanting to give it a chance.
  7. Completely agree. I have so many issues with movie theaters but the biggest are:

    1. Other people. And their noises. So many noises. Stop squeaking your darning straw already. And eating popcorn shouldn't be louder than a THX theater.

    2. No pause button. So I pay a ridiculous amount to watch a movie one time but if I have to take a leak I just have to miss part of it and no way to get it back? Nope. Would rather spend the $20+ to buy it when it comes out.

    3. Unless a theater sells adult beverages I'm not going. I can have a drink at home while watching. I should be able to do so at the theater. However this leads us back to issue #2. See above.

    4. My couch/chair is more comfortable.

    5. I spent hard earned money to be able to watch a movie at home on a big screen with superior sound. Why would I leave the house to pay money to do the same?

    My theory is this: movie theaters are for kid movies and action blockbusters that you dont really care about. They are not the place to see the movie you really want to see and/or requires full attention. Some jackwagon will ruin the experience. Guaranteed.
  8. Not sure what you’re getting at here.
  9. MUCH worth it
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  10. Gold is decent not great. Worth spending a few free hours to be entertained

    Highly recommend Wind River. Great great movie
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  11. That’s the popular theory.
  12. Saw both. Liked neither
  13. Zoology [ hundin]!

    My 10 yr old grandson loved it
    A few unnecessary cuss words like the one above but overall it’s pretty tame - not sure what got it the 13 rating really
  14. Movie geekdom confirmed - my watch list:

    Molly's Game
    The Post
    Black Panther 16 Feb 18
    Annihilation 24 Feb 18
    Red Sparrow 2 Mar 18
    Wrinkle in Time 9 Mar 18
    7 days in Entebbe 18 Mar 18
    Mary Magdalen 30 Mar 18
    Avengers Infinity Wars 4 May 18
    Han Solo 25 May 18
    Oceans 8 8 Jun 18
    Ant-Man and The Wasp 6 July 18
    Alita 20 July 18
    Predators 3 August 18
    Mary, Queen of Scots 2 Nov 18
    X-men: Dark Phoenix 2 Nov 18
    Fantastic Beasts 2 17 Nov 18
    Star Wars IX 20 Dec 18
    Avengers Five 3 May 19
    Bond 8 Nov 19
    Toy Story 4 2019
    Captain Marvel 2019
  15. If you like Wind River than you would probably like the Longmire series on Netflix that is based in the Craig Johnson novels (books are better but series is still enjoyable) or the Joe Pickett novels by CJ Box

    Recommend both highly
  16. She is attractive and he is a guy. Seems like a simple answer.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Rave has luxury recliner lounge chairs. Very comfortable. Some of them serve alcohol. Movie Tavern 7th street also meets the booze criteria.
  19. Agree with Godless. Really fun watch.

    I started watching The Deuce this weekend. Pretty damn good, but you have to have a strong stomach for sleaze.
  20. I watch The Deuce... HUGE stomach for sleaze

    Good stuff
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