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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Agree completely.
    Downloaded a couple of movies for my flights last week. One was a western called Hickock. Horrible. Couldn't finish it.
  2. I watched "Bullit" last night on TCM. A movie classic in anyone's book. I noticed during the car chase that they passed the same green VW bug 4 times, so I guess they were just circling the block a bunch of times. Also, the black Charger loses a hubcap every time it rounded a corner. I counted 6, but remarkably it still had all 4 i the final shot.

    The funniest though, was watching them trying to receive a photograph from Chicago to San Francisco in 1968. They had this great big machine sitting on a table that they attached a phone receiver to the top, loaded it with mimeograph paper and watched this drum spin around until the photo finally came out of one end. In the scene the 4 men stared at this machine for at least two minutes with no dialog at all while waiting for this picture to pop out. It was quite funny.....
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  3. I usually refer to Rotten Tomatoes as a gauge for movies that I will see at the theater. If its anything 80% or above I will usually spend money and see the movie, anything less I will wait till it's out on DVD if then.
    Having said that I broke one of my own cardinal rules and spent money on The Last Jedi. It was rated at 58% approval. I should have listened, very disappointed in that movie.
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  4. Same here. I figured it was just super Star Wars fans that were hating it...noooope. That's just a bad movie.

    Badly written. Tremendously weird and forced humor. Couldn't care less about any of the new characters now. Still am not certain what the actual point/plot of this one was about. Just awful.
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  5. There’s still only 3 Star Wars movies to me. And darn Rogue One for officially taking Shadows of the Empire out of official canon.
  6. Saw Logan Lucky over the weekend. Fun heist movie with a great cast.
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  7. Caught “molly” something yesterday. Was a really good movie.
  8. Are we supposed to talk about pron here?
  9. Definitely had to google that. I liked Rogue One a lot though. Far better than any of this other crap they've put out. Seemed like it captured more of the originals feel than any of the other new ones.
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  10. Daniel Craig right? Been wanting to see that.
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  11. Yep, and Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Katie Holmes, plus Elvis' Grandaughter.
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  12. Don’t know who Elvis’ granddaughter is, but I’m guessing she’s hot.
  13. Definitely WB.
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  14. She is Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience chick. Surprised me when I first heard that but she has a family resemblance when you look. There may be another actor granddaughter in the mix but she is the most famous I believe.
  15. Riley Keough
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  16. Subtitled in English. Terrific film and story. "Run Boy Run" tells the true story of Yoram Israel Fridman, who was smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto at age eight. Escaping WWII and the death camps.
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    Hope black and white movies are acceptable
    John Wayne and Robert Montgomery in "They Were Expendable" at PT Boat Skippers during the fall of the Phillipines.
    A zany comedy "Arsenic and Old Lace."
    And one is a little more recent "The Numbers Station."

    Oh one more Russell Crowe in "The Water Diviner."
  18. Really liked Against the Sun.
  19. Was Darkest Hour better than Dunkirk? I hope so. Dunkirk just disappointed me to no end.
  20. Water Diviner was great. It just came on whatever movie channel I had on during a lazy weekend and it was a treat.
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