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OT- More Stupidity From TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. I disassociated myself from my beloved TCU once for about 11-12 years. Had my reasons then and may now. Don’t doubt that others can. My guess though is that TCU powers have calculated this risk and are willing to take it.
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  2. Acceptance rate looks, by your numbers, to be ~9.5% below national average. Slightly worse than Baylor. Not 20%. Not sure where you got the 20% number.
  3. This.

    They have chosen their path, and they are free to walk it. Since they hold me and my views in evident contempt, they can do so without my aid. I am saddened by this, as I loved what the place once was, but it is no longer. A deep ugliness has taken slow but inexorable hold on the place and it will never release it's grip.
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  4. I just posted the articles language with the link--so they mistyped the #'s
  5. Which number is correct then?
  6. That's what ze said.
  7. I prefer Mademoiselle, si vous plait.

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  8. *You're
  9. Enchante.
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  10. I prefer Commander. ;)

    In the Navy, I rarely felt any discrimination. One old grizzled Chief Warrant Officer on my carrier obviously didn't like women on ships, but I figured he had one foot in retirement, so I just ignored him. And harmless office flirtations never bothered me. In fact, they broke up otherwise stressful or boring days. I guess I have a different perspective on what's really important in life.
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  11. how do you feel about online flirtations sweetie?
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  12. how kfc views TCU.

  13. Oh, you're going to hell for that one.
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  14. They should make a movie about you. I wonder if Kenny Loggins is still available for the soundtrack?
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  15. You’re gonna have to trade in your screen name.
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  16. Everyone in the history of the world has been discriminated against, picked on, made fun of, ridiculed, etc. It's how you were taught by your parents and the adults to deal with it. I jest, but this crap is the result of "Fun, Fair Soccer and trophies for everyone. Come to think of it, this is soccer's fault period. Freaking communist sport.
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  17. Proof positive:

  18. But then your kid would have this guy as the athletic director.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. That's about the only way it can happen these days, stud! :rolleyes:
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