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OT: How Do You Invest Your Money?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. found the guy who leases.

    informal poll: are wives ok with used cars?
  2. You have to live somewhere, are you considering the cost of renting where you are paying property tax for the actual owner which is just rolled into your rent?
    With ownership, you are paying on a mortgage but you are also using someone else's money and you can reap the benefits of the appreciation which hopefully you are in an area which is doing so. TCU area is a good example.

    What investment is not "timing dependent"? That is why you diversify. Closest thing I have found are guns but I am only holding and buying have yet to sell.
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  3. One thing that I’ve been getting into is passively investing in apartment syndications. I invest and the operator does everything else. They acquire the property, renovate the interiors, make other upgrades and increase the rents/cash flow and sell the asset. Two to five year hold, 7-9% return during that time, 70/30 (Investor-LP/GP) split upon sale of the asset. Goal is to 2X my money in 5 years. Also get a K1 to offset any taxes thanks to bonus depreciation (don’t have to depreciate the asset over 27.5 years, can take it all up front which is ideal for this kind of investment). This is the most hands off way that I know of to get exposure to RE, with the least amount of effort and achieving maximum returns.
  4. For years I did the max 401K thing, let the money grow. Don't freak out when the market drops or skyrockets. I made pretty good returns over 15 years doing this. However, after reading a few books I've completely changed my strategy. Its all about real estate now and equity growth by having other people build equity for me.
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  5. Yeah, I make a lot of money. I'm in the stock market. Now I don't know if you know anything about the stock market or not, but uh, if you do, you'll appreciate this. I bought cardboard when it was 14 cents a ton. And its up to 16 cents now, so... lets see, I bought 3 tons of it, so that would be....well, you figure it out. And when I bought it I made a special deal with them where I only have to keep 2 tons of it at my house.
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  6. That's kind of what growth and dividends in the stock market are...
  7. Or have ever held a real job before getting elected to congress...
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  8. I know 2 of them. They might not flash them, but they have them.
  9. “[...] and that has made all the difference.“
  10. A lot of multi family is going to get smoked in the next year or so, IMO. I know of quite a few Fannie/Freddie defaulted loans that have hit our shop and they were originated in the last two years. If you bought in that time, you probably overpaid...
  11. Assuming property tax for commercial real estate builders is the same as individual residential? Don’t know enough to say either way. Don’t think rent is priced versus all-in cost of homes as renting is significantly cheaper in most metro areas.

    would argue stocks are not timing dependent as the quality, recognizable ones tend to increase consistently over time.

    can’t say that about real estate...it’s getting to a point where the most questionable mortgage lenders hit a risk wall
  12. Haven't seen HSA's mentioned on here yet, but make sure you max that thing out too. You can save the receipts and reimburse them decades later after decades of growth.
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  13. Ridiculous what little shoeboxes of terrible build quality are renting for these days. There are going to be a whole bunch of terrible looking apartments all over the place in 10-20 years. "Wood" floors, quartz countertops and some trendy looking appliances are the lipstick on the pig.
  14. My two favorite real estate gimmicks:
    1) New neighborhoods where they advertise being able to build your "custom" home. Yeah - you get like six floorplans and get to choose a handful of options on finishes. Want to build a mid century house? Modern? Forget about it.
    2) Renovations that all look the same. The same 3-4 combos are being used.... faucets, countertops, floors, etc.
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  15. Agreed, I think after meeting your employer 401K match the HSA is the best place to put your money. It’s basically a Traditional 401k/IRA that you are allowed to take money out of tax free at any time for medical expenses. Plus like you said you can wait to reimburse yourself at a later date after years of growth.

    It’s hard to beat something that allows your money to go in tax free, grow tax free, and come out tax free (medical)
  16. Well for any of you big money guys - the company I founded is currently raising capital. Digitally native made in USA menswear brand. I’m happy to share our deck for any interested parties.
  17. post it for all to see
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  18. Explain please
  19. Just a fancy way of saying e-commerce based. Open to all too, as having a lot of friends & family investing at a smaller minimum.
  20. Good luck. Your odds would have been much better if you had a daughter.
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