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OT: How Do You Invest Your Money?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. It's officially off season. Signing day has come and gone, Basketball sucks, and Baseball has yet to begin.

    I've really enjoyed some of the off-topic discussions on this board over the years, and I thought this would be an interesting discussion that I've never seen discussed on killerfrogs, and could even be a good learning opportunity for many on here, including myself.

    Very broad talking point here, but high level I'm curious how folks on here invest their money. Do you actively buy and sell stocks through an online brokerage group? Do you take a more passive approach and buy low cost ETF or Index Funds? Do you pay an investment professional to handle everything for you? What's been your experience with this? Does it seem to be a good value? Do you prioritize tax advantage retirement accounts or invest outside of them for the benefit of liquidity? Any real estate investors? Rental properties or commercial properties? Any alternative investments you've done in the past or are currently involved in that you'd feel comfortable discussing? What was your experience with these? How has your investment strategy changed over the years? What are mistakes you've made, things you've done right, and overall good lessons you've learned? How do you approach today's market after such a long run?

    For me personally, even though I studied finance and real estate at TCU, I don't really partake in any active investing that requires effort on my part. I've used a robo-advisor called Wealthfront since I graduated in 2014 that I contribute to regularly. I have a risk score that was determined based on my age and risk tolerance that decides how my funds are allocated accordingly. Their premise is rooted in passive investing built around a globally diversified portfolio of low cost index funds. The system automatically adjusts my portfolio to ensure it stays balanced, and it automatically uses tax-loss harvesting to minimize my tax burden on non-retirement accounts. To me it's an extremely compelling strategy that I've been extremely pleased with over the last 6 years, and it requires essentially zero effort on my part. Otherwise, I'm very conservative in nature and probably carry more cash than I should.

    Anyway. Fire away. Would love to hear the thoughts of others, especially those that have done more life than me and have better wisdom and perspective.
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  2. Shale E&P companies
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  3. I pay a pro. Nightly. She’s very good.
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  4. Half in securities and the other half in low-risk mutual funds.
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  5. Spend like there is no tomorrow, the socialists will take care of us! Vote for Bern students on campus today. I do wish people would be required to work real jobs before they can vote.

    Currently playing some into Fundrise, which averaging around 8% returns, don't have enough in there to worry about the fees, which I believe they claim as 1%.
  6. Down at the dog track.
  7. Good to know. Next time that homeless guy in the parking lot hits me up I'll tell him there's a guy on 4 with some cash.
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  8. Alternately in my ever-expanding waistline and exercise equipment/fad diets.
  9. I'd say strong....to, quite strong.
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  10. Depends on how much you can invest now, what your goals are, if you are already investing max in IRA/401k, & how much you can invest annually going forward.

    1st priority is to clear consumer debt and invest max in 401k (especially if there is a Corp match) / IRA.
  11. Just curious, does anyone out there work for a company that has a pension plan? This does not include government that is in lieu of Social Security, but a plan in addition to Social Security and a 401k?
  12. If you have cash, hold out and go on a shopping spree in 6-12mths.
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  13. All in da market
  14. Depending on who gets the Dem nomination, I will be holding a good chunk out until the results come in November.
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  15. Agree on the 401k comments.
  16. My company used to, stopped 2 years ago. I’ll keep what I had but it won’t change going forward.
  17. @tcumaniac how are you wealthfront annualized returns compared to the total market or SP500?

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