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OT: How Do You Invest Your Money?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Tru dat.
  2. Roth IRA at work. also bought season tickets to Rams new stadium in Inglewood. Going to try and make a profit this year on games I don't attend. risky but I hope it works. 7,500 for two seats by the end zone close to field. we will see.
  3. I bet against the TCU basketball team every chance I get.
  4. If not, Parkinson’s Law will take hold. For those not familiar, the law says no matter how much money you earn, you tend to spend the entire amount and a little bit more. Your expenses rise right along with your increases in earnings. This way eye-opening and very true for me, especially raising three kids. Kids are expensive.
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  5. Conversely (and maybe for this reason), I know a bunch of baby boomers sitting on huge piles of cash they are reluctant to use. Time moves quickly, and infirmity strikes suddenly. Your kids will thank you when standing over your graves.......
  6. Better than having them curse you when standing over your grave I suppose. The best gift you can give your kids is to make sure they don’t have to take care of you financially in your old age.
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  7. How do I invest my money?

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  8. Have made it clear to my son that I chaned his diapers in Amon Carter Stadium and one day he will be changing mine.
  9. Did you make it crystal clear that if you need your diaper changed in Amon Carter Stadium that it is his obligation also? You could make a lot more games in your super senior years with that type of arrangement.
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  10. Don't buy new cars

    Half of invested saving in S&P index funds (500)

    On stock picking, do research, especially on who is running the operations
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    Yes, but it also matters when/if you intend to upsize or otherwise move (and property value trends where you own or might move). For example, we under-bought relative to our financial capacity in 2018, in an area with consistent appreciation and intend to hold for 5ish years, and then move to an area with quite a bit higher property values. We aren’t willing to play the market timing game with that money over the medium-term (when we’re ready to move, we want to be able to do so without breaking a sweat over property values and whether the market dropped off), so we are essentially using extra principal like a savings account. Sure we could make more elsewhere, but we could also lose it too).

    To each their own, but if your career involves occasional relocations, there are some weird things to plan for. Especially if those moves take you across very different cost of living areas.
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  12. You are confusing home ownership as an investment vehicle with the overpaying of a mortgage as opposed to investing in stocks with the same capital. Related only by the mortgage but really entirely different topics.
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  13. Very under rated post.
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  14. plastic robots. and have a rock band!
  15. The plastic robot industry has waned in the wake of coronavirus, unfortunately. We had to scale back and shutter a factory temporarily
  16. Have you drank too much Corona? Or is it a lack of Corona that keeps your body from developing an immunity? I think more research on the second idea is necessary.
  17. Steel invests in his kids and his self
  18. Hmm... good questions. I have recently shown a preference for Modelo or XX to Corona. Also not drinking much in general. Maybe that is the issue.
  19. Maybe a different discussion, but owning a home and adjusting for property taxes, maintenance, etc. is rarely a “good investment”, especially after accounting for inflation. To your point, it’s almost entirely timing dependent.

    I’ve seen a few personal examples where it actually makes sense (California the last 5 years), but don’t think that’s the case in DFW.

    not debating the purpose or value of home ownership, more the people who say “I made double on my house” and ignore property taxes, renovations, etc.

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