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Not a joke: You can now buy beer at TCU Baseball games

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by SnoSki, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. At least they weren't dancing.
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  2. Wooooooo/RALPH/Woooooo.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. The 51st Man
  5. Don't know which is more disturbing...a passed-out, alcohol-comatose Aggie, or the guy wearing Daisy Dukes....
  6. Doesn’t seem to be happening from everything I’ve heard.

    Club seat sales on the east side weren’t going very well, so they decided to keep beer exclusive to the club seats to entice potential buyers.
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  7. I could see that. It’s going to happen at some point though. Like Ya said 2020 would give them 2 years to prepare and go thru different trials.
  8. you don't choose to wear nut hugging cut offs and a mid-riff without sleeves when you go to a ball game?

    not sure if i should expect to see a tramp stamp on his back or some variation of tribal/barb wire tat on the left arm
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  9. The addition of sales at football and basketball venues could prove to be a prudent move.

    One specifically designed to enhance a fan's experience at games....while additionally enriching

    TCU's athletic coffers.
  10. I hadn’t heard that. Did they get them all sold?

    Feel like I heard it was only loge boxes left or something?
  11. Loge were the first to sell out a long time back. As of late September they had a couple suites and about half the club seats. The club is selling very poorly.
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  12. They have alread sold beer in my seats in the west side for years and I have re-entry. So I do not have club seats, I sit on the 3rd row up from the field 40 yard line
  13. I am totally excited about being able to buy a beer at a baseball game and maybe later at games of football, basketball, soccer, tennis and maybe even swim meets!!!!! Let's see if I get this right ...... TCU charges $4 for a 25 cent bottle of water at sporting events now. What do you think they will charge for a $1.00 beer???? I don't think I am enough of an alcoholic that I can't wait 2 or 3 hours to have a beer at home or my favorite bar after a game.
  14. Are you the kind of guy that brings a 12 pack of beer to a party and insists on taking the unopened ones home?
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  15. Uh, yes.
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  16. The $12,500 per seat donation is a tough pill to swallow. For the price of 2 seats you could buy a new $30,000 car.
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  17. The Club Seats on the Eastside were overpriced in my estimation. Perhaps they should reconfigure them by adding more Loge boxes and taking out some of the Club Seats since the boxes are sold out.
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  18. Yea while this is partly a love of school / donation play, from a purely marketing perspective it makes zero sense to price an equivalent amenity at such an extreme premium. I suppose they can justify the difference as loyalty to the original west side club folks but that rings hollow to many considering the east side. Also the deductibility of athletic seat donations is in a state of flux.
  19. I feel beer sales at college football / athletic event is a bit like national marijuana legalization. We all know where it's going, can we just skip the next 10+ years of transition and just get there now?

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