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Not a joke: You can now buy beer at TCU Baseball games

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by SnoSki, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Need one of these travel vests I always see on commercials. Load it up and will look sleek!!

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  2. The new definition of Colonel Klink
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    That stand also had coors light and another non-bud option or two. I’m sure they had the same selection at all concessions.
  4. No but it was probably the worst I've ever seen DBU look. I'm sure the beer was a factor.
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  5. Beer 1
    DBU 0

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  6. They were distracted. They all wanted beer but knew they couldn’t drink in front of their fellow baptists.
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  7. Is that a water bottle in your pocket or are you just happy to see __________?

    (Couldn't use me. That'd be weird)
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  8. They had the nectar of the Gods as well...

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  9. A Fine Pilsner indeed
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  10. I saw that post this morning. Made me thirsty.
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  11. Beer on the berm - either add port-o-lets or a depends concession out there.
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  12. By the way, does a Donati get paid for for playing Aaron Roger’s agent on the State Farm commercials...
  13. Fall 2019 get ready for beer sales at football without re-entry
  14. At least 2 other Big 12 schools are close to doing it (in addition to UT WVU and OSU). One of those is in Texas and would joint UT, UNT, SMU, TSU, and Rice).
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  15. And A&M would already be doing it if not for the SEC rule. They have beer gardens at baseball though
  16. 'Woooooo/burp/Woooooo'
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  17. A&M sells beer in a lot of places in their new stadium. They have gotten around the SEC rule by having “club seats” scattered throughout the entire stadium. Some of these club seat sections are the worst seats in the stadium (lower corner of the end zone) but they have beer and wine available.
  18. Exactly. They are called beer gardens. LSU was the first SEC team to go about this and have been the most vocal about trying to get to rule overturned.
  19. 2020 is more likely
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