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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Eh, at least we'll get to say hi once a year and then whack his new teammates like Luca Brasi.
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  2. Poor Luca. Don't give a darn about the donkeys, though.
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  3. If it’s really academics then there is no way that happens

    If it does it was something besides grades
  4. Kind of makes you think it's probably not academics then, right?

    Edit. The fisherman beat me to it.
  5. With all do respect, we aren’t recruiting or getting “one and done” type kids..Dixon is very passionate and a good basketball coach but he just put together a terrible last 12 months. Hope it gets better
  6. Its hard to say we have had a terrible 12 months. I mean...
  7. Not trying to call shenanigans or anything, but is there something about a direct descendant of Larry bleeping Brown (and Bill Self, fwiw) that makes you guys certain that Smoo wouldn't take an academic risk?
  8. Mass exodus, missing the tourney, and flirting with another school....Yah that’s pretty rough any way you swing it...
  9. Rod back to spending his days on the forum. Very strange and pitiful.
  10. Go to class.....
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  11. If it really is academics,why doesn’t Dixon, Miller, etc just tell us ??
  12. they can not release a players personal information without consent from the player
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  13. well I guess anything is possible but there is a big difference between making sure a current player stays eligible through a complex "support" system combined with an easy class schedule to get a degree in Professional Hand Puppets vs accepting a kid on academic probation from another institution to enroll in yours just to play a sport.

    But SMU is pretty desperate to find something to stay alive...
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    I was upset that we missed the NCAA Tourney as well, but Dixon also won 23 games with essentially 7 scholarship players. A quick look back reveals that TCU has only won 23 games 5 times in the last 50 years. Two of those times have been in Dixon's first three years. Just trying to keep things in perspective here folks.
  15. I like KD but he wasn’t a starter at the P5 level imo. For me the shorter a guy is the better the player must be to have an impact on the game. He could be excellent in a role off the bench because of his toughness and fearlessness. I believe we have a chance to be pretty good at the point but there could be some growing pains early in the season.
  16. It may not sound fun but getting the tournament is the measuring stick in today’s game. The wins are irrelevant. Let’s See JD win 23 and miss the tourney for the next 3 years and tell me how many around here will be calling for his head. They are letting more teams in the tourney then ever. Dixon has more money and resources (New facilities) then any coach we’ve ever seen in the last 50..So while I think your right, Dixon has elevated the program, anything short of the tourney is underachieving regardless of the number of wins..The investment has been made..Its now time for payoffs...let’s hope this past season what an unfortunate blip
  17. And to add to that, it’s not all academic related. If he was ineligible then he would be ineligible everywhere until he was eligible at TCU. Think it was something more and if he was borderline in the classroom, then they aren’t going to fight his attitude about PT or whatever else is going on
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  18. Agree about missing a tournament....National football invitational, basketball and baseball conference tournaments, inflated number of participating teams in the NCAA basketball tournaments, inflated number of teams participating in the NIT basketball tournaments, inflated number of teams participating in the College World Series regionals, super regionals, and the Omaha tournament have all rendered conference competition and championships moot...especially for football in the Big 12 where the team with the best record after conference play is not recognized as the regular season champion by the conference as at least basketball and baseball teams with the best conference record are...but fans emphasize the post-season over those....
  19. Twitter tells me KD is committed to SMU
  20. Impossible.

    Didn’t you read all of those posts on here that said he was no good, too small, and couldn’t play at D1 level??

    EDIT: I hope KD has a great couple of years there.

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