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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. From reading the last several posts in this thread, I can only suppose that SMU is not the sort of school where classroom attendance is expected.
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  2. I am happy he found a home with a decent basketball program. As other have mentioned, this makes me think academics had nothing to do with him leaving. He played well last year so I would not think we asked him to leave because he was not cutting it, if that was the case others would have left.
  3. Who?
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  4. If you want to know the correct way to swing it you’ll have to ask tcufrogprince.
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  5. others might have been told they won't get much playing time and still deciding whether they should stay or not.

    davis is a kid who has always been a starter until this season when he was behind alex. consider he was recruited to be the starter this upcoming season, but farabello and fuller have already shown in their brief time on campus they look to be better and the staff tells davis his minutes look like they might be limited and he may want to consider transferring out.
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  6. I really have lost respect for Fisher with his ordeal. Lots of dudes that don’t play school or in some cases rehab sessions.
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  7. I understand Fish is childish and/or immature, but what’s he done to lose your respect? I think he should have stayed here and i think his best are past him due to his knees. Feel bad for the kid.
  8. I feel about 99.5% confident that life will not work out real well for Mr. Fisher.
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  9. TCU is better off without him in the locker room
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  10. The better question is “what has he done to earn it?”.
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  11. I wish nothing but the best to KD but as I posted earlier his size was a problem and I think his minutes were not going to be as much as he would like. In the right place he could play a meaningful role but here it looks like his path was blocked.
  12. There’s some rotten going on and it seems like everyone involved stinks a little bit.
  13. something has been wrong for quite some time and hopefully if the issue is a matter of chemistry, the loss of patrick and barker, player ego, whatever......that things get straightened out
  14. This is college sports today. Our program is just one of MANY dealing with the exact same thing. Too many of these kids (and really society in general) treat their lives as if it was a video game..... doesn’t go the way they want it to..... hit the reset button.
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  15. i am not sure too many other programs have gone through 10 of the 13 recruits from its first 3 programs without at least one player going in the nba draft
  16. If you find an UNDO button, please let me know.
  17. It’s certainly “easier” for lack of better terms for a kid to move on now. Roster management is more complex than it ever has been.

    That said, this season was like a ship bomb went off and ship got all over everybody. Maybe it was the perfect storm. Maybe nothings up. But maybe there was something to it.

    The lack of info breeds rumors, true or unfounded.
  18. Was he a bad locker room guy? Still remember him after the SMU game, “THEY THOUGHT THE GAME WAS OVER!!! BUT WE CAME BACK MANE!!”.
  19. I agree. Something was wrong last year. But so what? Last year is last year. Those guys are gone. There should be enough time for the atmosphere to clear up before next season especially now that the "rotten" apples are gone.

    The bigger question is how is Bane's attitude? If he is the leader we need him to be (and KS can stay out of foul trouble), then hopefully he can lead the newcomers to a fun season. At the very minimum, it will be nice to have a bench and a coach with no distractions of another dream job...…….
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  20. I don’t think it’s that as much as these kids get a false sense of success. They come up through AAU then get recruited and have all these coaches, twitter, instagram followers tell them how good they are. Then add in the family members or hangers on adding to the hype. Plus a guy like Fisher likely only has one avenue to make a healthy living, and it’s pretty much over at 20-21 yrs old. That’s gotta be tough.

    Fisher was never going pro and neither was Davis. At what point do some of these kids just realize it’s best to stay at one school, get a degree, and then use the network for a good job?
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