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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Huh. Tone seems as if this maybe isn't his choice. Sad.
  2. Grades. I like KD Alot as a player but it is obvious why we loaded up at guard. We have one more player to lose as we are now at 14. Wonder if it is a veteran or a new signee. Word is Fuller is going to run point alot.
  3. Almost didn’t click because title. Transphobic IMO
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  4. No mention of CJD/staff. Not a good look, regardless of reason for transfer, imo.
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  5. He’ll be missed but we move on.

    I’m sure Kendric will be fine because he’s a good kid.
  6. Kendric for sure a good kid, but like I said, I believe this is what another poster referred to when they mentioned a grade deflection. There are standards to live up to. We will be fine this year.
  7. Program is really headed in the right direction.
  8. Whether this is sarcasm or not, I think we will be fine. KD was good for sure. Fuller is going to be better from Day one than anyone save for Bane maybe.

    Again, there are academic standards. We clearly are having 0 problems recruiting. If I were a coach I wouldn’t bat an eye.
  9. When did our school get so damn hard?

    Hell, even I graduated.
  10. I wanna know when it got so damn expensive. Glad to already be graduated and student-debt free.
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  11. That's a big loss
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  12. We will know more next season. If we see our PG dribbling and dribbling and dribbling again, then we can be concerned about the future of our offense. If we see 4 or 5 more players transfer out again, then we will know there is something wrong with our program.

    But our coach is back and he is here to stay. Bane and KS are back and we have a stud PG coming in this fall. Big 12 is loaded again. Can't wait to see how we respond to the challenge!
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  13. He was getting beat up at the end of the season. I'm not sure he's big enough to play at this level.

    I enjoyed watching him play...but like has been said, CJD is not having a problem recruiting; I think he'll get what he wants in and it will include someone who can pass, shoot, and make FT's.
  14. Our transfer portal is going to blow a fuse it's been used so much.
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  15. I agree. He was very short and got stuffed many times when he drove the basket. We need to free up some roster spots so I don't think this is a big deal, given our guard recruiting.
  16. Hate it. My favorite player. Yeah he's undertall and got his shot blocked some, but that didn't stop him from scoring a lot in the paint. Love his tenacity, he showed more of that than any player on the team, IMO.
  17. I’m numb to it at this point.

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