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National Signing Day (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froglash88, Feb 4, 2015.

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    A lot of you guys seem to think that these decisions are made after an analysis of objective criteria between the schools that these kids have offers from.  How does a kid end up with ASU and TCU, my bet is that when he visited with coaches/players/female students at those schools he heard what he wanted to hear and he got a good vibe. 
  3. Broadnax seems so nice! I love it!!
    "First off, I'm going to get my degree. That's first of all. That's what I'm going to do to honor my family"
    At TCU, we are here to play school. We just  happen to dominate football for fun. 
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  4. TCU and ASU not really hard to figure.
    Look at the coed situation at both schools and compare to most others.
    There may have been a lot of coin flipped.  
  6. Talking about his momma dang near gave me allergies. Excited about his football talents, but even more excited about the person he seems to be. I like it when good human beings play for TCU.
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  7. The big difference being, our typically don't end up on websites of ill repute.
  8. The Horn Frogs are the Frogs that are in the horn section of the band.
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  9. Yea I'm a sucker for this too. Glad we attract young men like this.
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  10. ASU and perhaps Miami still putting the heat on Chatman. From what I can tell, they really need receivers in this class. 
    I was not the first and I won't be the last. Besides, the tweet is about National Signing Day.
  12. Lucky guy. My Mom is a [ hundin].
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  13. Proof positive there's something about CA that rots the brain...;-)
  14. I'll go nuclear with that...LIBERALS!
  15. Congratulations to these guys and to TCU!!
    We got everybody committed with no last minute surprises. No hard feelings on Mack, in fact that got creepy and low brow for him and everyone involved towards the end and he might be a better fit there, who knows. Glad we have a last second chance at adding Chatmon.  
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    JF Thomas signed with Tech, for whatever it is worth.
    Yea, that was not a surprise from my perspective. Pretty sure the writing was on the wall as far as qualifying. As desperate as Tech was for help in the D I am not sure what their plan was there except to roll the dice. If I were Tech I would have doing whatever was required to nab English or someone.

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