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MBB- TCU vs K-State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. 48-50 eight minutes left.
  2. To me that is poor execution by players.
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  3. I don't think it's our coaching.

    Jamie's record speaks for itself.

    Our players just don't get it.
  4. I know you have something personal against the coach but why aren’t the players to blame for boneheaded plays?
  5. We don’t stream at all unfortunately. #countrylivingproblems
  6. The players are REAL lousy, but the coaches recruited them.
  7. Powerful. Proud of the program for doing that.
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  8. If we could just Include the ball in the basket.
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  9. I don't get why Bello doesn't shoot more... I just really don't
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  10. Frogs getting some of their swagger back.

    Proud of the fight they’ve shown today.
  11. We’d probably win most of our games if we could consistently make 15 3 pointers a game.
  12. Solid TCU sports day. We beat two bad teams but wins are wins.
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  13. Good job, Jamie!
  14. regardless of the how's, who's, or what's of the win today the frogs won which is what matters.

    time to now get ready to go down to austin and drive a stake through the heart of shaka smart's longhorns and put the frogs in position to finish mid pack in the big 12.
  15. There in lies the problem. A team shouldn’t need to make 15 three pointers a game to win.
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  16. don't think the number of 3's is as much the issue as the frogs shot 45.5% from 3 and only shot 44% from the field period.

    a huge key is in the second half the frogs only had 2 turnovers which is a stat they are more likely to reproduce than expecting the frogs to keep shooting 45% from 3
  17. TCU closed the game with 6 assists and 1 TO, held KSU down the stretch.....nice work!
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  18. I want Dixon to be successful, I get so frustrated watching us make the same mistakes over and over. You are right, the players do not execute like they need to but some of the simple things that don’t involve talent we keep messing up like all of these lazy passes that lead to turnovers. I don’t think we are the most talented team but I think the coach is not getting the best out of his players. We played much better today but I am not sure if that means we took a step forward or if they were that bad of a team. We play well in segments of the game so I know it is possible.
  19. The last 10 minutes of the second half were pretty solid. Let's see more of that moving forward.

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