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MBB- TCU vs K-State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Feb 15, 2020.

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    Two turnovers in the 2nd half compared to 12 in the first (four on consecutive possessions?) was the difference in the game.
    That and we hit most of our free throws.

    What I don't get is why we often let the clock run down to less than five seconds before we shoot. That rarely leads to good shots.
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  2. Good win at home. Beating K-State always brings a smile to my face. I hate those pricks. Glad we swept them in hoops!
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    Kind of weird reading this game thread, one would have thought TCU won on a lucky shot at the end instead of a margin of 11 points.
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  4. Truth.

    I didn't follow the game thread because I am at work, but there are a lot of trolls plus unhappy Frog hoops fans. Of course, when you lose six in a row, there is a reason for that. I was upset after Stillwater and Lubbutt, but, still, a good win today. Five league wins this year for JD and the Frogs with opportunities for more. We certainly have a chance at UT and can beat ISU or OU or WV at home if we can get hot again from the outside.

    I did not know until Dez's postgame interview that the Frogs have never made the postseason four years in a row. That would be a cool accomplishment even in a "down" year.
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  5. Damn good win.

    Without creating a list, there are probably at least 7 teams in the B12 that I dislike more than I dislike K-State. Certainly KU would be on that list.

    I know there are some horrible (and horribly stupid) internet posters that claim K-State, but in person their fans are decent. More than I can say for Baylor, TTech, etc., etc. And KU, OU, Okie lite, and the rest (of the conference whose fans tend to be on the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]head side).
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  6. Wasn’t it a widely held opinion that we wouldn’t win more than two or three games. Getting to five wins with this team seems like a nice accomplishment. Here’s hoping we can get another couple or more wins.
  7. 11 points, 68-57.
    The 2nd half was totally different than the first.
    They could have quit, but they didn't. In fact, they poured it on. I'm glad I was there and I am proud of them.
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  8. Kansas BB fans are the absolute worst.
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    My prediction for TCU was 6-8 conference wins before the season started. They are close to hitting my minimal expectation for them. It will be more of stretch to hit that 8 wins in conference.

    The hard thing for some to wrap their head around is this TCU team that could easily be a top 2 in the MWC could finish last in the Big 12. The reality is there no bad Big 12 teams. Just there are Big 12 teams better than other Big 12 teams.

    I don’t have low expectations, just the reality of the Big 12. I think a fair goal is try to finish in the top five of conference more years than not and the same goes with the expectation of a NCAA bid more years than not. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    4 straight postseason bids with one being to the NCAA is huge progress considering where TCU has been the last 15 years prior to Dixon. Both NIT bids resulted in a championship and a Final Four appearance in the NIT. A bad basketball team doesn’t accomplish that. I think Dixon is close to getting the players he needs to start running off multiple NCAA appearances. Just my op.
  10. Yep, your right, my math failed me.
  11. I am very proud of the players and the coach for this win. Would have been easy for the players to just give up after the Tech game. Many would have. In fact, many on this board did. These players are still playing hard and kudos to the coach and his staff for getting them back on track. In a rebuild year where we were picked to finish last, it appears we still have a shot for post season play for the fourth consecutive year. Never been done. Go Frogs!
  12. Good W today. If we get to 7-8 wins that would be awesome.

    Regretting the Clemson and USC games rn. We would likely be in tourney with those 2 and 7 wins...

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  13. Wait. Isn’t Kentucky in the SEC? They can’t be bad. Can they?
  14. Kenrich, Alex, and Karviar were in attendance, I thought that was cool.
  15. I like the way the program is headed. A lot of Underclassmen and a number of very good recruits signed for next year.

    A lot of experts on here predicted great things for this team, especially after the start of conference play. However, the “real” experts predicted this team to finish dead last in the conference. They aren’t going to do that.
  16. My entire family plus my godson and his wife all went to KU. I know KSU fans are nice to TCU fans, but that is not the case with that rivalry (see brawl this year at AFH). I can remember several incidents where it got ugly between my family and some KSU fans.
    Also, don't forget, while KU bball fans are arrogant, their football fans are very humble.
  17. K-State has only 1 road win this season. Back in November they won @UNLV.

    They have lost 11 of their last 13 games and are, by far, the worst team in the conference.

    Today’s win was a must. Glad the Frogs finally broke their losing streak.
  18. Muck, is that you?
  19. It's amazing how many people are Kansas fans from November through March. Then the other 7 months of the year they're about as hard to come by as a nice day in Lubbock.
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  20. To coach and staff..... you need to put some feelers out at the E side Y. McDonald YMCA, 12 yo that is a 6th grader at Stripling is ready for some attention. Just moved here from Vernon......he could start for most high schools today! I’ve seen a lot of basketball and this kid is special on both ends of the court.
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