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MBB- TCU vs K-State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Better crowd than I was expecting tbh.

    Frogs wearing all purple with cursive throw back Frogs uniforms.

    need to reset and get a win today
  2. You type faster than me.
  3. Uniforms look so good. Frogs coming out with a lot of energy so far.
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  4. Can anyone read what our black warmup shirts say? Can’t tell from the stands.
  5. 9-2 15:00 time out KSU.
  6. Right by them and can’t read it.
  7. Humble brag ;)
  8. How are we only up 15-10.....

    let’s go guys!
  9. Hate you ESPN+.
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  10. Win by One?
  11. 13 minutes in and not a single FT by either team? Weird.

    KSU has shot one and missed it.
  12. Anybody else having streaming issues?
  13. Yes. Prostate trouble suuuuuucks.
  14. PJ is just absolutely awful today. Worst player on the court by far.
  15. 10 point lead down to 1.
  16. Now down 1 due to boneheaded plays
  17. Fuller should not play.
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  18. We suk.


    Horrible decisions.

    Thank Goodness for baseball and Rifle teams.
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  19. TCU back to sucking again.

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