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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by oklahomafrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Theres no way to accurately assess Max improvement with the cast around him. Not only do we seemingly drop 7 to 8 passes a game, some are absolutely HUGE big time throws. But we usually volleyball at least 1 into a defenders hands and allow them to return it inside the red zone. And Cumby my goodness is it really that difficult to move the pocket for a QB who is a running threat to give him options and simplify his reads? Gonna be hard to compete with the OUs of the conference offensively when not 1 receiver(exception Raegor) would see the field for them. 17 points will NEVER be enough to win consistently in this conference
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  2. While we are all contemplating whether Max showed any improvement over the season, can someone tell me one single offensive player who showed any tangible improvement over the course of the season?

    In my opinion we saw exactly two 1...Max/Barber..everyone else was virtually the same guy that showed up against APB. It’s easy to isolate the QB but he’s has to have help
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  3. I think the tight end proved he could be a threat but other than that you have a good point. I am at a loss, I just know this offense isn’t effective, I have no hope that it ever will be effective, and something major needs to change. I can’t stand watching it anymore and I’m sure I’m not alone.
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  4. Good point, I can't. That's pretty damning on the whole offensive side of the ball. Now the defense, I saw plenty of players improve. We need a big name OC who could step up to be the HC when Gary retires...
  5. No major changes ... and I'm strictly a TV fan in 2020.
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  6. I’ll give you the TE spot but it, like everything else, wasn’t very consistent.

    The system we are running out there isn’t working. It’s irrelevant whether anyone here believes Cumbie is a good QB coach, recruiter, OC, or all around good guy. For 3 years we have watched bad offense. KHill as a Senior was able to make a few things work but even that was pulling teeth.
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  7. He is a FRESHMAN. He did better than any starting Freshman in a much tougher league and that include Boykin and Dalton. He will be even better next year and have a OC who puts him in a winning position more often. Duggan is a good qb. Its not even a question. Your donations dont make you a good scout. Only a good booster.
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  8. Really good point. What the heck with Jet Anderson? Gotta be a reflection on our OL!
  9. What was with all the low passes into the ground by Duggin in the game?
    He didn't want to run with the ball very much either.
  10. You're out huh? Yeah, I'll bet you are. :rolleyes:
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  11. Hahahahahahahahaha!
  12. Well, for the most part, I thought the TE's showed improvement or at least we used them, and it was successful, but your point is well taken.
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  13. And who do you want the OC to be so that you’ll come to the games?

    you know what they say about coaches that rely on the advice from the fans. When that’s your sounding board you usually end up sitting with them.
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  14. I'd take a decent HS OC right now over what we have seen from SC since he got the gig. The [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] they are doing is putrid. We are in a league that demands lots of yards and points, and we are trying to win by punting and playing defense. With very predictable results.
  15. No.

    I'd say a much scarier thought is that there is somebody out there, that watched all the games since the beginning of the season, that can honestly say he didn't improve any over the course of the season.
  16. Do you have any names so you know whether the guy you’re getting is actually an upgrade? Just because you see a new name on the door, does not make him automatically better.

    You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to upgrade, but I’m leery that GP will actually let the OC have his way and hire his whole staff, and run as aggressive a style as he likes.
  17. Play calling too. One time yesterday we ran right on 2nd and 3 and the whole West Virginia defense was in the backfield. They knew exactly what play was coming, and DA lost 2 yards. He had no chance, heck even the OL had no chance.
  18. The OP really had to preface everything by how much he donates? What a tool.
  19. Wonder if any of that has to do with the mangled finger he suffered on his throwing hand possibly. No one seems to remember that.
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  20. Sack stats in the Big 12

    TCU: 30 in 395 passing attempts
    UT: 33 in 451 attempts
    TTU: 18 in 531 attempts
    OU: 15 in 306 attempts (1 game remaining)
    OSU: 21 in 302 attempts (1 game remaining)
    KU: 21 in 358 attempts (1 game remaining)
    ISU: 13 in 422 attempts (1 game remaining)
    WV: 21 in 454 attempts
    KSU: 20 in 277 attempts (1 game remaining)

    and the really weird one:

    BU: 28 in 335 attempts (1 game remaining)

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